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Posted in beach, money, ombak, Pictures on August 1, 2007 by Jablaii

I still don’t know how to cash in the cheque. I asked an advice from my friend who works in the bank and he said I can cash in the cheque at HSBC since it is a worldwide banking. But they have to hold the cheque to verified it first just to make sure if the cheque is fraud or not. Then i will get the money in 1 week time.. yayyy and i can do watever i want with the money.

I shouldn’t think a lot, i should take a day off, so I decided to take a walk at the Meragang beach. It was not a sunny day, it was raining barai-barai. It was windy and the waves were so huge, besar ani wah ombak ah, if i have a surf board with me, i would definitely surf the waves. Angan-angan jua aku ah.. hahaha..



So i walk sendirian bhd di pantai and collect some pebbles, sambil-sambil atu ambil pic ombak-ombak basar and tulis nama blog ku di pasir. Orang tua-tua selalunya ckp, jangan tulis nama sebarangan, takut-takut nanti ada makhluk halus memanggil-manggil nama kamu. I don’t really believes on the fairy tales though but sometimes the story of an old folks are extremely true, yatah nada tu. Tapi nda jua ku takut salnya Jablai wasnt my name hehe.. Oh i found this huge mushroom grew on the log, eh im not sure if it is really a mushroom.. cuba kamu liat


weird huh


Jalan punya jalan rupanya aku sampai ke hujung arah tempat jetty fishing area atu, ntah i dont know apa namanya.. jauh udah ku jalan atu. Sudah tentu orang yang inda faham atu think that aku ani frust kali sal jalan sorang-sorang di pantai. Apa jua kan di frust kan, happy ada pulang sal aku menang lottery atu hehehe.. and one reason jua aku jalan-jalan ke pantai atu cos I wanna know what will i do with the money. Antah lah, fikiran ku bercelaru.. fikiranku buntu bila dapat cheque atu.. adoooiiii…

Aku ani kan cerita panjang-panjang lagi tetapi uleh kerana si dyg Jijah ani nda sabar kan mau tau my blog ani, terpaksa ku stop di sini dahulu.. hehehe.. jgn marah haaaa.. 🙂




Posted in lottery, money on August 1, 2007 by Jablaii

I was sitting in my room updating my client website and suddenly my mom called me to come downstairs to the front door. I went to the front door and there’s a postman standing in front of the door waiting for me to sign a documented paper. I didn’t know what it is but I just signed the paper and then he gave me a cheque. Yes a cheque. I received a cheque from FREE LOTTO and I won a lottery, it was a halal lottery since im not paying a single cent for it. Guess how much I won? I won’t be telling you how much I won otherwise some of you might want to be “friends” with me and minta belanja this and that.. hahaha

Anyways, after receiving the cheque, I didn’t really amazed and screaming, jumping up n down nor running naked around my house. I just stunned looking at the money that i get. I didn’t even tell my mom that I won a lottery cos she would probably mad, not mad as in “gila” nor happy, she would refuse taking the money as she will think that it is haram for playing a lottery, so I better kept my mouth shut. But there’s a problem. How can i cash in my cheque? How would I know this is not a bounced cheque or its a fraud. What if it is a real cheque and it is named after me, my full name. A Citizens State Bank Of Clara City, Lake Lillian Branch, US is also noted in the cheque. I assumed it is not a fraud. So what now? should i go to the US and cash in the cheque or should I cash it here in the local bank. I am so clueless and worried cos the cheque is void after 90 days, that means i have 2-3 mths left to get the money.

What will i do with the money? I always wanted to go to Dubai and of course to the Disneyland in Florida. Should I buy a new car? I don’t know what will i do with the money, it keeps on haunting me. I guess I just have to wait till i cash in the cheque and then I know what will I do with the money. I’m ricccchhhhhh… hehehehe


how much do i actually won? go figure 🙂