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Posted in Cafe, Coffee Bean, LilHub, Restaurant on June 21, 2007 by Jablaii


I am so F tired. I just got back from my cuzen berjaga-jaga ceremony and as usual, i played table tennis but i didnt really play well tonite coz i strained my ankle last nite from playing table tennis.

Anyways my blog is not about what i do just now at my cuzen’s place. My blog is about me being demanding. Yes indeed, i just realised i am so demanding. What is it that i am so demanding about? its about anything especially on choosing a fizzy/soda drinks. I used to be a diet-aholic (not anymore) and everywhere I chill or hangout with my friends to a cafe’s or restaurants, I only asked for diet/light coke.

Not all restaurants and cafes serves /sell diet coke and that is really disappointing. I have no other options but to ordered either coke or teh c ping.Why not all restaurants and cafes in Brunei serves/sells light coke? If they don’t sell those drinks, they can always sell light pepsi or any dietary drinks like Yogurt. But not all yogurts are healthy and diet, they can be fatty and sweet too. The only minuman yang diet yang ada berjual or can be free at all restaurants and cafes is “SKYJUICE” but beri malu jua you tu makan dalam fancy restaurants but order Skyjuice. Some cafe’s let the customer bring their own drinks but must eat or order anything from them. But most restaurants/cafes don’t allow outsiders food & drinks. Boring jua tu if nada your favorite drinks berjual. If i can’t get what i want, I don’t wanna waste my time eating in your cafe/restaurant unhappily. Or perhaps, I can bring my own drinks and eat happily in your outlets.

So rite now, I am begging and demand for any cafe’s or restaurant’s owners to sell Diet/Light Coke, Pepsi Diet, Dr Pepper, mountain dew?? and Sunkist Light in your outlet. If inda tau cana usul that drinks, see the picture below:-

diet_coke.jpg drpepper.jpg sunkist.jpg mountain-dew-limonande.jpg

Hmm.. how come I dont see mountain dew berjual lagi di sini ah. Im not sure bout other place cos every supermarket i go, i don’t see mountain dew berjual lagi.

Dr pepper.. i like toh. I dont know how to explain the taste but the taste is sooooo kinky.. erkss i mean so nyaman lah. This is the only drink I always beli when I was in UK and in Japan. Mesti ku beli jua nie. You can find this drink berjual at SupaSave Mabohai and Beribi, if im not mistaken lah. I always beli di SupaSave Mabohai.

Sunkist Light.. soo soo.. greaat.. not like other soda orange drinks. This is different, great taste. Taste like Sunkist. Go buy and taste yourself. Ada tu berjual di kedai-kedai runcit.

So the above pictures are the kind of drinks that I’m expecting them berjual. If not, i will bring my own drinks saja. The place that i usually hangout is LilHub (durang ada jual diet coke ni) , Casbah London kebab (diet coke pun ada) , CA Mohammda (dpn Mall), Funbread, Coffee Bean, Coffee Zone, Mamih, Xcapade, Taurean cafe, TPH, de Fountain, Kadai mamak and many more. So watch out if i come to your premises with my bag cos aku standby bawa my own drinks. Sediakan Ais Saja hehehe..