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Posted in KL, Pictures, Sakai, Toys, Wordpress on July 18, 2007 by Jablaii

Yikes, its about time for me to update my blog, again. I just hate for not updating me blog cos there’s nothing for you to read, duhh.. as if someone is reading my blog haha… but who cares, I am reading me own blog. Anywaysss, I have toys.. hahaha.. yes really i do have a toys, a new toys. I bought it when i was in KL. Im loving it. I love my new toys. If i have nuthing to do at home, I played with it especially with my remote control mini helicopter.



Actual price for the mini helicopter is RM100 but I bought it for RM50. Yes i asked them to reduce the price or I wont buy it. Mesti pandai berunding bah, if not, mcm mana tah kan dapat beli barang atu. If im not mistaken, this model ada jua berjual di Little M, Batu Bersurat with the price of B$30 or B$50, im not really sure lah.

If you play with the remote control helicopter, you have to be very very careful and mesti ada skill and know how to balance it. Paling tinggi helicopter ani dapat naik is up to 2 storey building but you must be near the helicopter if not, it will fall down and break into pieces. It is plastic pulang tapi mudah patah if inda pandai main especially kipasnya lah. Mine, the kipas patah sudah but i managed to sealed it back using the tape. Dapat naik semula. Siuk eh main helicopter ani. It only required a AAsize battery for the controller and helicopter atu hidup from charging it dari controllernya.

Another toy yang ku main jua is the car remote control. Even ia nda berapa laju but aku suka sal siuk ah, maybe dulu inda ampit main hahaha.. But this one is different. Ia dapat buka and tutup pintunya, then berlampung lagi tu and ada sound system, cool jua tu. Then if kan jalan kan the car, you have to ignite the engine first, yes seriously, you have to. Ada buttonnya arah the remote control. Ada horn lagi tu hahahaha.. eeeh mcm sakai jua aku ani. It need the AAsize batteri jua. I bought it for RM45, it is really cheap.. well actual price is RM70 hehe.. Im loving it. Every weekend iatah ku main saja tu, the remote control car and helicopter. I don’t really care lah if you guys think that I’m like a kid or wateva lah, who cares.. so long i’m having fun, so screw you lah.. hahahaha..