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Posted in Espeed, internet, Jagong on June 6, 2007 by Jablaii

Espeed Part 3

Wednesday morning, the Telbru came to my house to check on my espeed again. They tested my modem and its the same problems they’re facing like yesterday. The modem couldn’t detect the IP. They came up with another solution, they change my modem to a new one and its working perfectly. Nada putus-putus my internet and it can detect my IP. A question pop up in my head, why dont they just change the modem at the first place..? They left me the new modem and they also want me to test the old modem, which aku belum mencuba lagi.. shuuussshhh.. hopefully drg inda baca blog ku ani.. hehehe 🙂

Jagongs’ Nite Out

Its Wednesday and its jagongs’ nite out. Only 3 of us yang berjalan. Me, Goldie and Gboy. Si Private ikut berjaga-jaga tah jua sama ia kan meliat si Mila & Heliza AF5 buat show at istana, I think. Roseh ada date with err someone. Ahha ofcos meliat Bula DPMM. The rest as usual inda berlaku. We went to meet up di azmee (belakang d’arch) then pakai sebuah kreta berjalan. first ke Metro kami, si dayang Goldie kan membeli kain untuk Masquerade Nite.

We had our dinner di Azmee (blakang D’Arch). The place is nice and clean. Ganya karit sana atu eh the ruti talor is so small, the cawan is too thin and narrow. Makanannya sikit xcept for the Briyani. The food ok plang, nyaman. For the food aku bagi rate 4/10 and for the place, aku bagi 8/10 (hygenic reason)

Lapas atu round-round bandar and kawasan Istana which i took some pictures around there but inda clear lah tu, apa jua diri ani, inda mampu bercamera nikkon atau yg mahal gitu loh, pakai hp camera aja.. hehehehe..

Note : Im not putting in the pictures, bida bah hehehe… *malu*


Espeed Part 2

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…… and again i face serious internet connections, which is sucks…

Surprisingly its only me in my area face this problem. According to the technician, only one customer (me) from the Berakas area complaint about the internet problem. Wow, I must be so very very “special”.. ryteee..!!

One of the technician came here yesterday afternoon trying to fix and solve this problems, but he ended up with no solutions. He said one of his colleague is in the “control area” trying to find my ip. The funny thing is my modem couldn’t detect IP/DNS from the server. He was here till 9pm. I feel really bad for him, I told him to continue his work tomorrow morning.

I thought last nite was Wednesday and it was Jagongs nite out, rupanya it was Tuesday, my bad.. no wonder sorang-sorang busy. Since my internet was not working last nite, I watched 2 dvds. I watched the low budget movie ” CADAVERELLA“. So lame and boring, seriously don’t buy that dvd. I didn’t really watch it, i just fast forward the movie. Then i watched “HOSTEL 2“. Not very happy with the movie too coz it wasn’t as good as the “Hostel 1”. Pretty lame and not so real. Lots of naked women.. tee hee heee…

Espeed Oh Espeed

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Yes finally my espeed is OK now after 2 days inda baik. I finally can blog (mcm tah ku pandai memblog) and updating ‘things’. Gila rasanya nada internet for 2 days atu. The TelBru technician came to my house on Saturday afternoon checking on my espeed. They tried their best to fix the espeed unfortunately they said there’s a IP conflict in my espeed and they cant do anything until Monday, biasa lah Saturday kan half day, so nada urang kerja. So sabar saja.

That nite went out wif AHHA to kedai komunis. I bought 12 dvds, rasa jua tu nada espeed, baik tah liat dvd. On that nite jua i watched 3 dvd’s, dvd homerun wah. Abisnya kul 5 subuh. Esuknya meliat lagi 2 dvd’s. I have 7 more dvd’s to watch. Bila masanya kan meliat nie, espeed ok udah. Tunggu time boring saja baru dapat meliat. Bah sudah tah kali dulu eh, boring ku udah.

Oh by the way, i saw another Idiot driver that nite but inda sempat ambil gambar, laju bah ia U-turn arah stable ah, people like this nya urang “stunt” driver or “samseng” lah konon but i dont think its applicable with the names given. They think they are smart but they are not. They can harm other drivers. Luckily there are no cars on the other lane.