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Sungkai Buffet Review

Posted in ambuyat, Buffet Sungkai, Eating out, Jagong, Kurma, Orchid Garden Hotel, Polo Club, Rizqun, sungkai on September 30, 2007 by Jablaii

27th September 2007 – Sungkai-ing with my foster family and friends, Bapa Hj Bakhir, Babu Hjh Arbaiah, Adek, Hj Subhi and Wife, Najib and Fiance (Dewi), Salleh and Fiance (Jijah Nyit nyit), Yai, Labi, Amal n her boyfriend, Pojeh, Me myself and Si Bibi. Kami ke sana pun cos babu lanja sempena hari babu bersara. The food was excellent but inda melawan di Rizqun Coffee House. The Price kan sama macam di Rizqun but banyak lagi makanan di Rizqun. At Orchid Garden, the appetizer nyaman berabis, kalah di Rizqun but for main course and dessert, definitely Rizqun is still the best. Lapas sungkai, we all had a photo shoot session at the photo plus studio, delima satu. Antah cana kah usul gambar atu, sal berulah wah kami semua sekali. 8/10

28th September 2007 – Sungkai-ing at Polo Club with my mom, sister and nieces. Seriously guys, its not worth it sungkai di Polo club, the price is 10 cents higher than di Rizqun and the food was soooo karit, i mean the main course just 5 macam saja and the appetizer inda banyak, 3 mcm saja. They have the noodle station, ambuyat station, hot plate, Kebab and murtabak stations (outside near the pool area). I mean why do u have to eat and pay B$19.80 for that kind of food saja. The desserts pun inda berapa banyak. I must say i dont like and love the food sana. The service pun so slow, lambat durang kan angkat the plates and glasses. Thought the name Polo club atu is like an expensive place and the food is soo nyaman but i was wrong, the food was uninviting. Baik plang makan di Rizqun tu, worth it lagi, banyak makanan kan di pilih. Like di Polo club, inda. Seriously, not worth it sungkai-ing at Polo club. 3/10

29th September 2007 – Sungkai-ing with my fellow jagongs at Millenium Restaurant, Beribi. The food was great, better than the POLO CLUB. But sadly they didn’t serve you a glass of water and a plate of kurma on the table. So far all restaurants yang ku pernah sungkai serves water and kurma for their guests but di Millenium inda, pisses one of the Jagongs tho hehehe.. I dont know whether durang lupa or andangnya style durang catu. I love the pasta so much, i mean i can taste the chunkie tomato sauce atu wah, nyaman brabis. I love the fried chicken, it is so nyaman but sudah ku ambil 2nd batch from Roseh, inda tia nyaman, masin. The fish was the worst taste ever, i didnt eat the fish plang but i tasted from Leena Bateks, it taste horrible, i mean karas and too ntah ah, indescribable. Appetizernya inda banyak choice but taste nice. I don’t eat beef or lamb but i ate it yesterday cos the lamb was so tempting especially with the yogurt mint sauce. The kebabs pun nyaman. Butter prawn pun nyaman jua, eh everything is nice except the broccoli and the fish. The desserts nyaman sikit saja as what Roseh said the bread and butter pudding with the kurma inda nyaman kan but actually it was nice and the Teh tarik with the pandan taste was excellent. 7/10



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No one wants to be alone, not even me, but today I am alone.

~~ Lonely.. im mister lonely, I have nobody, for my own. I’m so lonely, I’m mister lonely, for my own. I’m so lonely ~~

Call me Mister lonely, like i care.. I used to be lonely for quiet sometime. Been there, done that. That is me…

Today aku lonely pun sekajap saja. My mom, my elder bro and his wife went to Miri tadi pagi. My sister went out with her friends, biasa lah ia atu, orang kan kawin this November, mesti jua berabis kan jalan sama kawan-kawannya. My other brother keraja. So yang tinggal di rumah just me and the amahs and ofcourse my small nephew, baru jua setahun. Usually lapas sembahyang Juma’at, mesti kena sediakan lunch but hari ani inda. No one masak, my amah ofcourse inda pandai masak, so nada makanan lah.

My stomach growl balik-balik tanda lapar lah tu sal tadi pagi pun alum ku breakfast. I asked my amah if there’s something to eat but she said nada.. “abang kan pandai masak, ya masak aja lah”. “aah kamu ni, saya lagi capek, malas nak masak”. Its true when i feel tired, i don’t have the mood to cook. When i open the fridge, i saw lots of food yang dapat di masak but malas wah rasanya kan masak atu, i wanna eat yang simple saja. Instant noodle?? no way, i don’t really eat that food, if desperate, barangkali but I’m not that desperate. So i saw ambulong (Sago). One of my favorite food jua. Apa lagi, ambuyat is simple to make. Before menumpah ambulong, i made the cicah which is simple saja, tempoyak (durian that has been preserved for 12 days, i think :S) campur binjai and limau kasturi plus lada padi.

cicah.jpg        ambuyat.jpg
—————-(cicah ambuyat) —————————————- (Ambuyat)

Yeah yeah i know, if makan ambuyat beramai-ramai lagi siuk, berebut.. i have to agree pulang tu but ani kira aku lonely, nada kan di makan. makan ambuyat sorang-sorang pun siuk jua, inda kana rebuti, cicahnya nda kajap abis, so ok laah makan ambuyat sorang-sorang ani.

Ok most of my readers are from Indonesia and they might not know what is ambuyat and might be wondering what the hell i am eating (like the picture above). It is call ‘ambuyat’. Ambuyat is a traditional local dish. Ambuyat has been exist in the country since the world war 2, early 1940’s. 87% Bruneians eat ambuyat and this food sudah pun di masukkan di dalam menu-menu restaurant di Brunei, however not all Bruneians eat ambuyat, especially the youths, this is because they are not a pure Bruneian or they disgust by the look of the food, sad huh hahaha..

Ambuyat is ambulong, ambulong is a sago starch. Tepung sago di ambil dari pokok Rumbia or the sago palm (ok this one im not really sure hehe). Looks like a gum huh but hey if you come to brunei, you guys should try eat the ambuyat with the cicah (Sauce of the ambuyat). The cicah is very hot and spicy, not all lah, just my cicah is spicy and hot. Ada cicah tempoyak, cicah binjai, cicah cincalok dan macam-macam lagi. Coba laah..