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Happy New Year 2008

Posted in berbedak, bersanding, New Year, wedding on January 8, 2008 by Jablaii

New year

Gee I hope its not too late to wish everyone a happy new year, better than nothin, right?

Neways I hope everyone have a good and joyful new year 2008 cos my new year was sucks. I mean it, it was sucks. I didn’t celebrate new year. 2 days before new year, i had a sore eyes. Well at first i had it on my right eye then the next day i had it on my left eye then tarus tah ku dapat fever. On the 30th December, my temperature was 39.7 celcius. I didn’t go to the hospital cos i was feeling so sick, so weak, I can’t even move my ass out of my bed, i was just laying down on my bed the whole day. I didn’t eat and i didn’t even drink, well i only had a few glasses of warm water before i get dehydrated.

The next day i thought i would feel better but inda jua. I still feel the same, damam, feeling weak and worthless. I try to fight my fever by sweeping the carpet in my room, yes sweeping it instead of vacuum the carpet. Why i did that? so that i could get wet.. no you silly, not that kind of “WET”.. i mean biar keluar peluh ku so that i can take a shower and feel good. Tapi inda jua keluar banyak peluh. I feel so hopeless. Balik ku semula ke katil and melimpang.

That nite, i feel a bit better. I called si ahha if he can bring me out singgah kajap ke rumah one of our friends yang celebrate new year but knowing it was too late sudah, like 5 mins lagi kan new year baru tah si ahha datang. So dalam kereta saja kami celebrate and then makan di restaurant, thats it. Balik ke rumah, damam semula, pedah jua tu.

So till now i still feel damam, not teruk ler but masih selesma and bangal telinga ku masih since ku dapat fever atu. Somehow masa ku damam ani jua, i still manage to help arranging and buat kad jemputan for my sis majlis berbedak and bersanding.

For the past few days ani i was really busy menyiruk ingus, wondering kenapa telinga ku ani lama bangal and busy menguruskan kad jemputan my sis and catering. I didn’t do it alone, my good buddy, Wira, helped me, which is better lah. Inda jua ku sangal and ngaleh.

Aytes, latest songs will be updated after my sis wedding. Sorry for the delay… chows