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Posted in Ceres, Juice, open house, Sushi on October 29, 2007 by Jablaii

My mom made a doa selamat last Saturday for my brother cos he will be away for 9 mths undergoing the Pegawai Polis training recruit, but at the same time our friend invited to his open house. His fiance made sushi and other Japanese food for their open house, well since his fiance is a Japanese tho. Ofcourse I don’t wanna miss that, I love eating Sushi. It’s one of my favorites. So berfikir tah ku nie cana kan gitau my mom kan ke open house atu. Ia jua doa selamat at my place and ia jua Sushi open house at my friend’s house. So I thought if I helped my mom preparing for the open house, she would let me go. Mendangani tah ku nie, buatkan minuman, masak nasi minyak and arranging the tables and chairs. I told her i will be going to my friend’s house after baca doa selamat and she let me go lah.. yayyy..

The doa selamat started at 730pm but the guests balum datang lagi, We didn’t invite ramai orang, just our cousins, neighbours and ofcourse my mom’s friends which are Arabics, Sudanese and other arabics people. Guests datang at around 745pm and Lina picked me up at 8pm kali, masa tu guests still coming. So I assisted the guests masuk ke rumah, atleast they saw me. Lina came and bergagas tah ku nie masuk dalam kereta and tarus tah kami jalan ke rumah Roseh where we met si Gboi. Then kami sekerita saja ke rumah Faisal at Sinaut, Tutong. It was so humble of them invited only us and Gboi’s brother and wife & family for the open house. Fikir ramai, panya tani saja. Yess, the Sushi is enough for us especially me hehe..




Lain wah tani atu, sepatutnya makan salad dulu, ani inda. Makan Sushi tah dulu, kes kelaparan sudah lah tu hehehe.. we had Sushi, Salad, Mee Goreng and the other appetizer atu inda ku tau apa namanya, its tasty and deeeeeeeeelicious. After Sushi, we were served a black bean tea, more taste like a coffee but its a tea. All the way from Japan. Never had a black bean tea but it is nyaman, i had two cup of the black bean tea.


Also what impressed me was the juice. The Cranberry and Kiwi Juice, Ceres brand, product of South Africa. The juice was so nyaman jua, balik-balik ku minum sampai kekanyangan ani wah. I never tasted the juice as nyaman as this one. I never bought my own juice cos bila di beli inda tia kenyamanan but when a friend bagi minum juice atu, nyaman tia. So now i know Ceres juice is delicious. Another juice lagi is the Secret of the valley, which is apple, pear, berries and grapes. Atu pun nyaman jua, bit masam lah.

I had to abandon Diet Coke and buy this juice. Goodbye diet coke and welcome to Ceres. I need a healthy life, by drinking a juice will make my life more healthier.. errr more or less catu lah. I urge you guys, live a healthy life, buy Ceres and drink Ceres, the taste is so delicious and refreshing. Wah mempromo.. erks.. no.. no.. dont buy Ceres, buy juice lain. Habis jua ni karang Ceres di Brunei ani kamu beli, inda tia ku ampit. Dont buy Ceres, Buy juice lain.. ok?

Last nite mencari tah ku juice ani.. malas ku kan ke Hua Ho, jauh tia lagi. I went to the shop yang ampir rumah ku ani. Suprisingly the price of this juice is way too mahal comparing yang di Hua Ho. Its B$1.95 at kedai runchit but di Hua Ho sell at B$1.65. Gila, mahal banget di kadai runchit ani. Ketagihan punya pasal, beli saja tia.

Well thats about it.. oh yeah aku memblog ani pun sambil minum Ceres.. hehe.. nyaman bah itu.. I laik toh..

Seee yaaaaaaaaa