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Posted in Depressing, Migraine, Stress, Tired on July 30, 2007 by Jablaii

I have nothing to post here, i am so damn tired and I got a major migraine, plus I have to finish my other website too. Argghh.. stress eh. I can cope working under pressure but now I just don’t understand why i can’t cope with all this pressure. It is too depressing.

I need a rest..

Oh i just realised, the other day when i got a shoulder and a neck pain, it was not because of me playing the golf but it was because of me sitting in front of the computer for 5 hrs straight continuously without taking a break. See how computer can cause you a problem.

I need a rest.. seriously.. arghhh darn, its raining outside, heavily rain. Now I can’t watch CSI:NY cos Astro wont be showing if its raining.. arrgghhh.. tambah lagi stress nie..

Btw guys, my lyrics menu will be updated this week.. just keep on browsing my blog and click the “lyrics” menu button..

I seriously need a rest.. I’m goin to wonderland.. awaaaaaaaaayyy~~