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Busy Month

Posted in Mandi Berlawat, Pelamin on August 18, 2007 by Jablaii

I have to say this month is the busiest day ever. Too many events will be held at our place. Last week was my sister’s engagement day and coming next Friday another event that is the Majlis Mandi Berlawat for my sister-in-law first baby boy (Alai Farid) at our place jua and another event coming is on the 29th this month, Majlis Doa selamat for my mom and my brother cos they will perform umrah on the 29th. Belum lagi atu, tomorrow ada doa selamat at my cousin and on the 26th Another tahlil at my aunt’s place. My schedule is so tight this month, I don’t have free time goin out with my friends to the cinema. My only free time is at midnite, yeah this is the only time I can update me blog 🙂

Last Thursday bahapa ku ah, can’t remember.. oh yeah we had a bertahlil at our place. Just us the family.

Friday went to the mosque for Friday prayer, then hantar kad jemputan for the Majlis Mandi berlawat. Then ada orang datang pasang pelaminan for the majlis mandi berlawat. Don’t ask me why ada pelaminan, that was my sister-in-law punya idea ler.


yeah the pic above is the pelaminan for the majlis mandi berlawat. Bukan orang kawin eyh. Style baru wah, modern.

Saturday at 2:15am, my nephew texted me on my handphone. I was sleeping at that time and i didn’t really read the text. My other nephew (slept over at my house) received the same text and woke me up and told that Zuw’s bestfriend (Allahyarham Ahmad ZulFadli @ BoB) which is my 3rd cousin passed away last nite. Allahyarham Bob was involved in a car accident last nite somewhere at Kg Junjongan.

At 830am, we went to Allahyarham Bob’s house to sedekahkan Surah Yassin and pay my last respect to him. Sedih pilu dapat di rasakan di rumah Allahyarham. Banyak kawan-kawan Allahyarham dari sekolah Maktab Technical and IGS datang menziarahi mendiang bob. Kita hanya dapat menerima pemergian Allahyarham Ahmad Zulfadli dan kita tidak dapat melawan takdir Allah kerana Allah telah pun berjanji kepada Manusia bahawa “Setiap yang hidup pastikan merasa Mati”

“Maha suci ALLAH yang memiliki segala sesuatu kepadaNya juga kita kan kembali” ayat 83 Yassin.

Mari lah kita sama-sama sedekahkan Surah Al-Fatihah kepada Allahyarham Ahmad Zulfadli Bin Haji Jawawi