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Posted in kittens, Nada on August 27, 2007 by Jablaii

Its 9:50pm and I have to write this blog laju-laju before the CSI : New York is playing on Astro (10pm), that means i only have 10mins to buat me blog. Let see, apa saja ku buat today.. hmmm.. hmmm.. owwhh darn.. now its 9:55pm and it took me 5 mins to think what i did today. Oh well I think i have to continue later lah lapas CSI : New York. Kan melayan my friends lagi di MSN, melayan the kittens lagi di bilik ku and I can’t concentrate right now. I usually update my blog in the middle of the night sal sunyi and senang concentrate apa yang perlu ku menaip and fikir but lately aku tidur awal saja, before 12 midnite. Ayte then, karang ku sambung lah after watching CSI : New York.