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Posted in Game, Gangster, Online on July 6, 2007 by Jablaii

I am still playing this online game (Gangstermind) introduced by my friend, Rafie. I really don’t know how to play this game at the beginning but after reading the FAQ of this game, I fully understand how to play. This game is a free, strategic role-playing game that you can play daily using only your Web browser. It is text based and very straightforward. Proceed by clicking on options. Master the basics and, slowly but surely, you’ll get the hang of it.


To play this game, all you do is just click here and register. Once you register, you were asked to fill out your username and your email address. Then in your email address, they will send you your password. Isshh i dont need to xplain all this lah.. lol.

Morale of this game, you are the leader of an organized crime gang. Its either you want to create a CARTEL (groups of people who share the same goals, the same ideas or just trust each other) or you wanna be a leader to yourself. As for me, I rather like to be my own boss. You also need to hire more crews i.e. Goons – bodyguards, Thugs, and Hitmen in your organisation to protect you and your organisations. This can be find in the SCOUTS menu. You will also need to hire a workers such as Hustlers, Hoods, Moonshiners, Hookers, Card Sharks. These peoples will make money for you, by sending them to work. You can send your hookers to work. If you use 100 turns for your hookers, you will get approximately 1 million above but make sure the workers morale is 100%.


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Raise cash from casinos, prostitutes, loan sharks and gambling dens. Turn out narcotics, booze and counterfeit currency. Bribes and felonies are part of your repertoire as you wage war against other gangsters for control of the underworld. You and your gang can join a crime cartel with a well structured hierarchy or form your own crime cartel. The possibilities are endless within a proven business model where illicit profits can be laundered through legit business ventures.

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Your first order of business is to build a strong crew. Maintain your workers’ morale high, lest they decide to leave you. Dole out liquor and nose candy to your workers, guns liquor and weed to your goons. Make sure you have enough goons to protect your workers and if all else fails, give them a bigger cut. Observe what makes each group happy. Cars can make a difference for drive-bys and getaways. The vehicle of choice is the Hummer Limo. Purchase your own planes to forego plane tickets. Remember to try out many different strategies! If you don’t like the city you’re in, make your way to another place! If you aren’t making enough money, try other ways to get money. Get ready for some bona fide, certified, no holds barred racketeerin.

So far I have:-

Bodyguards 12,004
Thugs 18,310
Hitmen 8,362
Goons morale 100%

Hustlers 7,587
Hoods 13,647
Moonshiners 4,604
Hookers 10,155
Card sharks 127
Workers morale 100%

Alcohol 50,000
Weed 34,929
Cocaine 20,000

HK P7s 20,000
Shotguns 20,000
Uzis 22,100
AK-47s 15,000

Cadillacs 10
Hummer limos 10
Royal jets 10
Heavy jets 10


Networth 83,077,193
Cash $102,300,247
Banked $31,551,103
Global rank 794
Tokyo rank 74

Im ranked 794 among of millions joining this game. So what are you waiting for?? play this game online if you are bored and got nothing to do. Just click HERE and register your name. Trust me, you won’t regret playing this game. Once you have a powerful organisation, you can attack other gangster. Tips for ya, attack gangster who has only below 10,000 goons and make sure your goons is above 30 thousands.


Enjoy playing the game