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Posted in blog, shoutbox, Statistics, track, Wordpress on August 29, 2007 by Jablaii

My mom, my brother and his wife supposedly to be flying off to Mecca by today (29th August) for Umrah but their visa’s were not approved and still being hold by the Saudi Government. They are now still waiting for the visas. They even had to packed their things in the luggage just in case their visas were approved by the Saudi Government. Oh well, I just wish they can get their visa.

Hey guys, thanks for visiting my blog. You guys are great, it was a surprised when i saw the statistics of my blog today. Look at the graph below:-


by 5:30pm, about 437 guests visited my page



by 8:25pm, 537 visitors visited my page



1220am, 675 visited my page

This is good, I mean i didn’t expect that I have lots of visitors, sadly I can’t trace where they come from. Well since wordpress cannot add javascript or embeded code in the widget area that means i cant put a track system just like the NEOcounter. I just wish wordpress can add more widgets especially tracking the visitors country and cities. And i just only wish that wordpress can add a widget “SHOUTBOX” so that visitors can communicate with the blog owner. Sending a comment is still not enuff buddy, people just read what we posted but they forget to leave a comment. Also tracking numbers is just aint enuff, what we need to know is where do they come from, which country and we need to record and track each of our visitors. sigh wordpress, if only you listen, read my blog and my wish can come true… 😦