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Posted in KL, Pictures, Sakai, Toys, Wordpress on July 18, 2007 by Jablaii

Yikes, its about time for me to update my blog, again. I just hate for not updating me blog cos there’s nothing for you to read, duhh.. as if someone is reading my blog haha… but who cares, I am reading me own blog. Anywaysss, I have toys.. hahaha.. yes really i do have a toys, a new toys. I bought it when i was in KL. Im loving it. I love my new toys. If i have nuthing to do at home, I played with it especially with my remote control mini helicopter.



Actual price for the mini helicopter is RM100 but I bought it for RM50. Yes i asked them to reduce the price or I wont buy it. Mesti pandai berunding bah, if not, mcm mana tah kan dapat beli barang atu. If im not mistaken, this model ada jua berjual di Little M, Batu Bersurat with the price of B$30 or B$50, im not really sure lah.

If you play with the remote control helicopter, you have to be very very careful and mesti ada skill and know how to balance it. Paling tinggi helicopter ani dapat naik is up to 2 storey building but you must be near the helicopter if not, it will fall down and break into pieces. It is plastic pulang tapi mudah patah if inda pandai main especially kipasnya lah. Mine, the kipas patah sudah but i managed to sealed it back using the tape. Dapat naik semula. Siuk eh main helicopter ani. It only required a AAsize battery for the controller and helicopter atu hidup from charging it dari controllernya.

Another toy yang ku main jua is the car remote control. Even ia nda berapa laju but aku suka sal siuk ah, maybe dulu inda ampit main hahaha.. But this one is different. Ia dapat buka and tutup pintunya, then berlampung lagi tu and ada sound system, cool jua tu. Then if kan jalan kan the car, you have to ignite the engine first, yes seriously, you have to. Ada buttonnya arah the remote control. Ada horn lagi tu hahahaha.. eeeh mcm sakai jua aku ani. It need the AAsize batteri jua. I bought it for RM45, it is really cheap.. well actual price is RM70 hehe.. Im loving it. Every weekend iatah ku main saja tu, the remote control car and helicopter. I don’t really care lah if you guys think that I’m like a kid or wateva lah, who cares.. so long i’m having fun, so screw you lah.. hahahaha..




Posted in KL on July 3, 2007 by Jablaii

Finally, its about time for me to update me blog. Brapa hari sudah my blog inda berupdate, naik turun udah statistics nya hehehe.. atu yang ku ingau kan. Anyhoooootss… welcome home to myself. Actuallynya kan, aku di sini last monday night pulang sudah but i was really tired to update this blog, inda ku tertekan lagi keyboard ani, apa tah lagi kan memikirkan what to write here. Bah let me story story dulu my trip to KL.


2:20am – Arrived LCC Terminal at the KLIA airport

2:40am – Everything settled and got a limousine (Airport taxi) from the airport to our hotel RM138.00

3:20am – Arrived at the Royale Bintang hotel, Kuala Lumpur. (its a 1hr journey from the airport to KL but since there’s no traffic, it took us about 30-40mins journey to the hotel). Checked-in to the hotel.

3:30am – Masuk bilik and me unpacked my stuff and shower, after that pengsan…

Day 2 in KL

9:30am – Woke up. Mandi and siap-siap kan breakfast di hotel.

10:30am – Breakfast

11:00am – Masuk balik ke bilik again untuk ambil stuffs. Then kami naik monorail dari Sungai Wang to Medan Tuah where it stops near Sheraton Hotel, KL. We went to BIMB unit trust to check our “saham” there. Then we walked from medan tuah to Masjid India. Biasa lah, kalau orang tua-tua ani drg suka shopping kain di Masjid India and mencari barang perkahwinan lagi. Who’s gettin married?? ada tah tu hehehe.. So we were at Masjid india till 4pm. Mencari taxi lagi lama tu eh..

5:00pm – Sampai hotel, simpan barang and mandi. Then me and my mom ke foot massage. Best nyee massage kaki but i tell you, it is cheap and SAKIT. Geli ada jua, bagi kan menanggis sal kuat bah urang memassage atu. Sampai ani masih lagi Sakit. After massage, sambung shopping at Night Market. I just noticed that at Bintang Walk, i mean along Bukit bintang street, there’s a lot of Arabians. Arabic foods, Arabic foot massage ada, Shisha, kebab and many more. Its like Arabic town.

8:30pm – Went back to the hotel for mandi. Then me and my sis went to Low Yat Fai plaza where gadgets, Mobile phone, Computers, etc.. all technologies stuffs sold there. Most of the items are cheap, probably it is cheap cos of the Mega Sale. Sadly most shops closed early so we went to lepak at the Royale Bintang Cafe. There’s a live band there, which is pretty awesome but sadly nda ramai orang. I went online di sana, i was thinking to update my blog dari sana but then i was too lazy.

11:00pm – Masuk bilik and me try to go online from the room. But inda mau 😦 . Feeling hungry that nite so i went out to the indian shop nearby and bought meself Nasi Briyani. Cost me RM8. The Briyani is not bad, alum lagi nyaman banar.

12:00am – Feeling bored so I decided to lepak at Starbuck Cafe. Went online till 1am then went back to the hotel and had a nice warm bath. Sampai tertidur bah di bathtub ah, siuk kali ah berendam dalam warm water atu hehe 🙂


DAY 3 in KL

9:30am – Breakfast

10:00am – Went to BB Plaza to shop. Then ke Sungei Wang which is just behind the BB plaza. Banyak kedai yang lawa-lawa barang di sana and tooo many people shopping di sana. Suddenly macam kan beria jua usulnya aku ani. Me and my mom and my sis berpacah, so when i met them at Parkson Grand, ku gtau drg aku kan balik ke hotel to beria. (mcm nda bercensored ceta ku atu) peduli eh… my blog :P, anyways.. jalan kaki tah ku ke hotel laju-laju and sampai bilik, tarus ke toilet.. Alhamdulillahhh baik jua nda terkirit. Baru saja kan kuar dari Hotel, rasa lagi sakit parut ku ani. Naik semula ke hotel and melabur. Damn.. i got diarhoea, ini tidak boleh terjadi.. uwaaa.. what did i eat? Must be the Nasi Briyani last nite.. nyasal ku makan.. sakit banar after I melabur.. eseh I I segala..

After everything selesai, my sis texted me suruh datang ke Parkson Grand semula.. then balik semula ke Sungei Wang (10mins walking from the hotel) mencari drg my fam. Inda jua ku kejumpahan durang so jalan-jalan tah ku nie and bought meself a King Size bedwear which is cheap from RM159 after discount sold for RM58. Lawa lagi tu, I laikkk.. then i bought meself a snickers which is cheap jua cost me RM35, lawa lagi tu.. then jalan-jalan mencari durang my fam inda jua kejumpahan. Then my sis texted me to meet up at the U-Cafe opposite the Lot 10. Then baru tah jumpa drg di sana. I ordered the Honey lemon tea.. pi nyasal ku order and minum cos apa nah.. SAKIT PERUT KU..!!!

Once again I had to find a clean public toilet for me to poo poo, malas rasanya kan balik ke hotel atu. I told my fam not to go anywhere but to stay at the same place. So i went to this toilet in Sungei Wang, the toilet is horrible.. dirty and ewww disgusting, baik lagi toilet di mall Brunei atu. luckily i managed to get this toilet for the disabled. But still the toilet is dirty, had to siram it with water at the toilet bowl. At 3pm, we went back to the hotel and me paksa poo poo again. SHIT wah.. sakit perut ku…

5:00pm – Went to Masjid India again, mendulur my mom.. i bought meself kain cara melayu 4 pasang.. very very cheap.. 1 meter = RM5 . Lawa kali ah kain nya.. Then ke kadai Maidin lagi, that place is sucks, i dont like it. I dont even buy anything there. I just wait outside and menahan sakit perut.

7:30pm – Balik ke hotel to mandi and poo poo. You must wondering nda makan kah aku ani?? yeah i didnt eat the whole day except for breakfast. Takut ku kan makan sal takut ku sakit perut lagi. Paranoid wah hehe..

8:30pm – I went to BB Plaza alone and bought meself a remote control Mini helicopter (RM50) and a car remote control (RM35). After that, i went to the nite market, bought meself a huge rayban and armani sunglasses. Lawaaa.. aku sukaaa… Then i stopped by at the famous nasi ayam restaurant and bought meself Steamed CHicken Rice, awu baru tah ku kan makan nie cos after this, aku inda kan berjalan lagi, just stay in the hotel. At the hotel, i packed my stuff in my luggage sal esuknya kan balik ke Brunei.. THANK GOD.

DAY 4 in KL

8:30am – Woke up, had shower and then getting prepared for breakfast in the hotel. Kelamuan ku sudah makan breakfast di Hotel atu, everyday is the same breakfast I eat. Sausages, ham, nasi lemak, mee mamak, murtabak, miso soup, poridge, cereals, toast bread, omelette, talor mata lembu, yogurt, salads, etc.. fed up sudah.


10:30am – Went to Low Yat Fai plaza to fix my mom’s watches. Banyak ani wah jam tangan my mom rusak and nda berbateri. Then looking for HABU (a gaming mouse) but couldn’t find one. They don’t even know what is Habu. I found Razer (a famous gaming mouse) but it is way too expensive, RM259. In brunei it only cost about B$60 (not sure jua, my friend si Ibnu ni yang gtau and ia kan berkirim arah ku). Its almost 11;45am udah and I am at still in the building. The concierge will pick up our luggage at noon, alum lagi ku packing semua my stuffs.


12:30 noon – The Taxi came and bawa us to the LCC Terminal at KLIA. Sampai airport sana at 1:40pm. Oh guess what, this is interesting and I really like this.. NOT!!!!.. our flight was DELAYED AGAIN..!!!! from 3:40 to 5:40.. really a pain in the jubur jua banar Air Asia ani. This is what you call Economy flight. The counter is not open yet so had to put our luggage there on que first. Paksa tunggu for 2 hrs for the counter to open. While waitin, jalan-jalan ku. i stopped by at the LCCT Emporium lookin for goodie stuff, but nuthing was interesting there. Coffee Bean pun ada jua di sana and it was too crowded.


3:00pm – counter open sudah.. our baggage is excessed, had to pay for RM168. Then had our lunch at Asian kitchen Restaurant. I had Laksa Penang, a very nice tasty laksa. i totally forgot bout my stomach ache. lapar punya pasal, inda tah ku peduli tu. After makan, check in to the Gate. The airport was not bad, clean and nice to see. Ada Free Wifi. Sadly inda ku dapat pakai my laptop sal my batt flat sudah. I must say, the toilet is very clean. Easy for me to poo poo, that is why aku inda ingau hehe 🙂


5:00pm – Air Asia made an announcement to all passengers goin to Bandar Seri Begawan to collect their food and water at the counter in front of the gate. I assumed the flight will be delayed again and my prediction was right. It was delayed to 6:40pm.


6:40pm – Our flight departed to BSB. We are not allowed to bring any food or beverages in the flight but who cares, i was pissed with Air Asia. I brought burger and ate it in the flight. Then I went to sleep and bila ku sadar, kan landing taya.

9:05pm – Landing at Brunei International Airport. Im glad sampai di Brunei.

This is my first and last using the Air Asia flight. Malas lagi kan makai, baik makai RBA, nada delay and kana bagi makan lagi and the seats are too comfy unlike Air Asia, tooo sempit. Yeah i know its an economy flight, what do i expect. I didnt expect it would be too hassle and sucks. My Advice to all business man/woman. If you are travelling for a meeting, do not use Air Asia. You don’t wanna miss your meeting with your client kan?? so better use RBA or SQ for a comfy seat and accurate time.