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Jagong Nite Out

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Today is Friday and every Friday mesti sembahyang Jumaat. Today the weather is like really hot, i can feel the heat dalam my car airconditioner, even ku pasang full but still rasa panas. After Friday prayer I suddenly feel dizzy and berat rasa at the back of my head. Sakit banar rasanya so i know that i had migraine. I laid myself on the bed then tertidur tah ku, atu pun sekajap saja cos aku inda biasa tidur di waktu petang. When i woke up, i still had this migraine. I thought kalau di bawa tidur, hilang migraine ku ani but its not, malahan lebih sakit ada pulang. I was thinking cana ku kan jalan karang malam with the Jagongs. If aku inda join the reunion, definitely everyone mesti swore at me cos aku yang make this reunion. But my head is really sakit. Ku bawa mandi, still inda baik. I ate Panadol active fast, inda jua baiknya.

At 7:03pm I called gboi sal tadi ia call aku pi inda ku menjawab, I was outside buat kopi. So i asked him if he can pick me up later since he and Roseh on the way kan jalan tmpat our meeting point, so he said ok. 730pm durang datang sudah di bawah tunggu aku. Then we jalan lah at this new restaurant at Serusop, it is called “d Other Office Cafe & Bistro“. The place is nice and cozzy, its like a 4 star restaurant. But sadly inda berapa banyak choices of food in the menu, there’s like 4 main course saja which is Mee Siam, Mee Rebus, Soto Ayam and Nasi Ayam. The rests is just cakes, appetizers and scones. The price is reasonable lah for me cos every main course you order, you get a free teh tarik or ice tea but they are ran out of ice tea and replaced it with grenadine syrup with calamansi. So i ordered Mee Rebus and it cost me only B$4.50. At first the taste is tawar but I add a bit of lada rindu, salt and lime then baru tah ada ummpphhh.. good taste.


(Mee Rebus with its condiments, lime, green chilli pickles and green sambal)

Gboi ordered Nasi Ayam, which is lain cara durang masak Nasi ayam cos the chicken is deep fried, while Roseh ordered Mee Siam, looks nice and tasty. Then came si Qush. Pas atu Lina then Ahha. Lastly datang tia Leena Batek and Mila. Its great to meet them all again after lama inda berjumpa. Then my uncle ada di sana introduced me to the owner of the cafe, a Singaporean. He asked me how’s the food and i told them its nice and suggested him to add new menu especially on the main course. He said he noticed that most of his guests suggested him jua but he said since the cafe baru buka, he don’t wanna put banyak main course and he don’t wanna make the cafe like other typical restaurant in Brunei. Durang mau buat the food serves di sana as the authentic Singapore food. He will add new menu but not now, it will be a surprise, he said.

After bercerita-cerita di sana, we then went cruising. Ke mana nah? ke Pantai Serasa. Saja ke sana kan meliat orang kan beromen kah, apa kah. The view of the sea was really nice, i took some photo tapi inda terang, al-maklum lah apa jua camera ku atu, handphone hehe..


In this picture, you can see something weird behind him

Lapas cruising then sorang-sorang ngaleh then gboi send me back home. I still had migraine and yeah masa posting blog ani pun masih ada migraine.

Ayte its time for me to go then, happy reading and i really had fun going out with the Jagongs tonite, wish we can do it again every week, atu pun if you guys “have the right time”.. siapa kah selalu cakap catu ah? hehehe..



Bunga Citra Lestari

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click here to download this song (press right click of your mouse and click save as)

Disaat cinta tercipta
Semestinya ku merasa
Dikala hasrat mendalam
Semestinya ku ???

Houu houu hou wooo

Dari hati kini kusadari
Tak semestinya kuberkasih
Jika hati tak dapat berbagi
Baiknya rasa itu tersimpan dalam

Semestinya aku mencinta
Seharusnya aku menyayang
Oh maafkan jika semua ini yang ku berikan

Dari hati kini kusadari
Tak semestinya ku berkasih
Jika hati tak dapat berbagi
Baiknya rasa itu tersimpan dalam

Chorus [3x]


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My mom, my brother and his wife supposedly to be flying off to Mecca by today (29th August) for Umrah but their visa’s were not approved and still being hold by the Saudi Government. They are now still waiting for the visas. They even had to packed their things in the luggage just in case their visas were approved by the Saudi Government. Oh well, I just wish they can get their visa.

Hey guys, thanks for visiting my blog. You guys are great, it was a surprised when i saw the statistics of my blog today. Look at the graph below:-


by 5:30pm, about 437 guests visited my page



by 8:25pm, 537 visitors visited my page



1220am, 675 visited my page

This is good, I mean i didn’t expect that I have lots of visitors, sadly I can’t trace where they come from. Well since wordpress cannot add javascript or embeded code in the widget area that means i cant put a track system just like the NEOcounter. I just wish wordpress can add more widgets especially tracking the visitors country and cities. And i just only wish that wordpress can add a widget “SHOUTBOX” so that visitors can communicate with the blog owner. Sending a comment is still not enuff buddy, people just read what we posted but they forget to leave a comment. Also tracking numbers is just aint enuff, what we need to know is where do they come from, which country and we need to record and track each of our visitors. sigh wordpress, if only you listen, read my blog and my wish can come true… 😦

A Day To Remember

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Every year on the 29th August, is the saddest day for me and my family. Our beloved father passed away on this date, Wednesday year 2000, after the Asar prayer at the GlenEagles Hospital, Singapore. My Dad suffered from a cancer. The cancer blocked my dad pancrease but this cancer is not harmful and is not spreading. The Doctor in Brunei made a mistake surgery on my dad, which caused a bacteria spread from his pancrease to his lung, where his lung was fulled of liquid, entah I dont know how to explained lagi. I was really angry with the hospital in Brunei. How can they be so careless. You know what the doctor only did, they took out small stones that blocked the passage of my dad pancrease, that’s it.. but what about the cancer? did they removed the cancer? they didnt tell us until the doctor in Singapore told us what the doctor in Brunei did. That is one of the reason why I hate going to hospital and seek for a medical check up, even when i had a fever, i never wanted to go to the hospital, I rather treat myself and eat Panadol Active Fast.

on the 23rd July 2000, my late dad was sent to the GlennEagles Hospital by order of His Majesty. after HM visited my dad in the ICU that morning, we later received a ticket from my cousin later that afternoon at 2pm cos our flight to Spore will be leaving at 5pm, so terpaksa tah kami balik ke rumah and packed our stuffs. Mengejut wah belayar ah. I only took what i saw and put it in my hand carry, inda lagi berlipat tu pakaian ah. Then lapas abis semua packing, we went back to the hospital cos we are departing to the airport dari hospital. Ramai cousins and relatives ku datang ke hospital to say goodbye and tarus baca doa selamat. At 5pm we later then berjalan ke airport. My mom and my lil brother ikut ambulance with my father and with the other 2 doctors, while us pakai kreta sendiri la ke airport. All of us including 2 doctors ikut ke Singapore cos the 2 doctors need to explained ler apa yg durang buat masa surgery atu.

Sesampainya di Singapore, kami inda check in di hotel but kami di bawa tarus ke GlennEagles hospital oleh Kedutaan Brunei di Singapore. Awal2 atu my dad was sent to the first class ward, but after the doctor check banar-banar with his condition, he was then sent to the ICU. sesudah atu when everything sudah settle, we all kena suruh balik berehat dulu, so we then kena bawa ke Park Royal Hotel and check-in di sana. The 2 doctors stay di hospital looking for my dad. The next day we went to the hospital melawat my dad. Everything went well, my late dad looks fine, he wasnt allowed to eat since di hospital Brunei sudah. Kasian ku meliat my late dad atu baring di katil atu saja, ada masa atu i helped him shaved his beared and combed his hair as Pengiran Isteri Hjh Mariam came to visit my late dad di sana. She heard the news bout this and at the same ia di Singapore jua.

We’ve been there di Singapore for a month looking after our dad. It was tiring and exhausted cos every of us ada shift jaga my dad except my mom and my sis, their shift was noon till 8pm but us the guys from 3pm till the next morning , so bergilir-gilir lah menjaga my dad. There’s one time the doctor suggest us for another surgery for my dad. My mom refused the surgery cos she had a dream that something wrong will happen they proceed the surgery. But us said maybe its good for our dad. The doctor told us that after the surgery, we will not be able to talk to our dad anymore cos they will put a hose of oxygen in his lung thru his mouth. So i remember the last word from my dad, he said “jaga mama mu lai, jaga rumah kitani jua, kau saja yang dapat ku harapkan menjaga rumah”. Rasa kan menanggis but ku tahan jua, i can only say “awu pa, aku berjanji. Maafkan aku pa”. Then i went to the toilet and burst out crying, inda ku dapat tahan lagi. I was really sad and terkilan when he said that.

4 hours after the surgery, my dad was put in sleep as in coma. Tears again started to drop from my eyes. Inda ku sampai hati melihat usul my dad macam atu. So everyday bila menjaga my dad di ICU, mesti ku bacakan Surah Yassin and talk to him even he didn’t react or respond me but I know he can listened to me. The Next day, a Pakistani was admitted there, passed away. He was just next to my dad’s room. It was really sad, my sister started to cry cos she was afraid that could happened to our dad too. I tried to calm her down and asked her to read surah Yassin. 1 week later, There’s a emergency lights appeared on top of the receptionist table indicate there;s a low BP rate from one of the patient. The lights came from my dad’s next room, its a chinese girl from Singapore, whom had a brain tumour. She passed away.

On the 29th August 2000, i went to a pray for Asar prayer. After praying, i went to visit my dad. Then there’s an emergency light, the nurses and the doctor rushed towards my dad’s room and asked us to leave, i ran outside looking for my mom. At that time she was performing the Asar prayer, i had to tell her. We then went to my dad’s ward room and saw the nurses and doctors did, just like in the ER. But then my mother told them to stop and just leave it to us, we all stayed there and read surah yassin and watched my late dad Nazak till he died. Everyone in the room was crying including my mom, she’s the one yang menanggis berabis till she passed out. I didnt say i didnt cry, i did cry. I saw my dad lying on the bed and i saw my mom passed out on the floor. I don’t know what to do. I went out and sit on the corner and cry there alone.

We were then sent back to the hotel to packed our stuffs cos that nite jua kami kena suruh balik ke Brunei while the High Commissioner uruskan jenazah my dad. My mom didnt agree with that, She wants to go back to Brunei with my dad’s body. So Only me and my sister balik ke Brunei that nite. The Majlis bertahlil was held at that nite jua di rumah. My late dad at first kan kena mandikan tempat rumah mayat yg bercampur with mayat-mayat bukan islam but my mom was pissed at the coroner yang handle my dad’s body ani and asked them do a MUSLIM way. So the body was sent to the High Commissioner house and mandikan, di kafankan and di sembahyangkan di sana.

At home, I couldn’t sleep. I cried all night thinking of my late dad. In my sleep, I dreamt bout my dad, wajahnya berseri-seri and berpakaian bersih berwarna putih berjalan menuju at me and he told me not to be sad cos he is happy that he is already free from seksa. He also told me to uruskan di rumah karang pagi, jangan lupa baca tahlil jua. Then I woke up and its morning sudah. Everyone is at home, i went to take a shower and menanggis jua masa mandi atu, entah ah, i was really sad wah masa atu. It never happened to me like this before. Selesai ku mandi, ke bawah ku and my cousins give me a hug, my uncle and aunts gives me a hug and asked me to be strong. We waited for my dad corpse datang, its 1030am and i went to the airport to fetched my mom as they landed already. I saw my mom was crying in the airport and sampai di rumah she was still crying. Then ambulance datang membawa mayat my late dad. Baik jua inda banyak keraja lagi cos my dad sudah kena kafankan di sana. So sampainya di sana, his body was laid di bilik tamu bawah. We opened the keranda and angkat mayat my dad and ampaikan di atas carpet untuk di sembahyangkan. Tapi before atu, His Highness Perdana Wazir came over to made his last repect at my late dad. Lapas sembahyang mayat, we were asked to see his face for the last time before menutup his face. Its my turn to see my dad face for the last time. He was like smiling, just like what he said in my dream. I knew he was happy and he wants us to be happy too.

Lapas semua sudah cium dahi my late dad. Then mayatnya kana pindahkan ke keranda lain and kena angkat ke dalam kreta mayat. We were then menuju ke tanah perkuburan di Pulaie. Then di sana lah kami kuburkan arwah bapa ku.

I think thats all saja yang dapat ku share bout my late dad. my dad suffered lama sudah and kami suffered menjaga mulah bapa, 3 weeks di ICU brunei and 1 mth di icu Singapore. But all that is dugaan. I regreted not saying I love you to my dad but i know he knew that I love him. So for those of you yang masih ada bapa atu, sayangilah bapa kamu, jaga lah dia dan buat lah mereka bangga kerana semua ayah ingin meliat anaknya bahagia dan gembira. Ayah kamu memarahi kamu kerana ia sayangkan kamu so jangan bencikan ayah kamu kerana terlalu mengongkong kamu. Sayangilah mereka selagi mereka masih hidup.

I love you dad and i will always remember you, your thought to me and your advices. You are my idol. Al-fatihah

Return to Innocence

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This song is great, makes me feel free happy and let me see the world with different eyes, touch me inside verry deep “it’s really worthy”. I love this song very much, it is very intense and the perfect song to make you reflect on a lot of things. I remember i listened to this song way back in the 90’s. This is kinda a spiritual song and it got nuthing to do with religions, i think. This song is like sending a message to everyone who feels like there is no hope in the future and things we do makes us the way we actually are. If we could have a second chance to born, all things would happen again in the same way. I love the part of the lyrics “Don’t be afraid to be weak. Don’t be too proud to be strong, just look into your heart my friend.That will be the return to yourself, The return to innocence. If you want, then start to laugh, If you must, then start to cry. Be yourself don’t hide. Just believe in destiny. Don’t care what people say. Just follow your own way. Don’t give up and use the chance, To return to innocence”.

That’s not the beginning of the end
That’s the return to yourself
The return to innocence

Love – Devotion Feeling – Emotion

Love – Devotion Feeling – Emotion

Don’t be afraid to be weak
Don’t be too proud to be strong
Just look into your heart my friend
That will be the return to yourself
The return to innocence

If you want, then start to laugh
If you must, then start to cry
Be yourself don’t hide
Just believe in destiny

Don’t care what people say
Just follow your own way
Don’t give up and use the chance
To return to innocence

That’s not the beginning of the end
That’s the return to yourself
The return to innocence

Don’t care what people say
Follow just your own way
Follow just your own way
Don’t give up, don’t give up to return
to return to innocence

Nisfu Sya’aban

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I terforget to add my blog yesterday, its about Nisfu Sya’aban. I forgot yesterday was Nisfu Sya’aban and no wonder my mom puasa kemarin. I only remember when my mother told me tadi to read surah Yassin 3 kali selepas solat Maghrib. Ikut kan hati tadi kan ke masjid ku ikut solat Magrib dan membaca surah Yassin beramai-ramai disana , tapi macam abis ku mandi atu, azan maghrib tia. So Sendiri lah ku kemarin membaca surah Yassin and doa-doa Nisfu Sya’aban. Luckily ku ada bukunya.

Kelebihan Nisfu Sya’aban:-

Malam 15 Syaaban atau lebih dikenali sebagai malam Nisfu Syaaban adalah satu malam yang sunat dirayakan dalam syariat Islam kerana ia merupakan malam yang paling mustajab dan penuh rahmat.

Keagungan malamnya dengan malam Nisfu Syaaban adalah sepertimana keagungan Rejab dengan malam Israk Mikrajnya dan keagungan Ramadhan dengan malam lailatulqadarnya.

Pada malam Nisfu syaaban…Malam yang diampunkan oleh Allah semua makhluknya. didatangi 300 rahmat, melainkan orang yg syirik, peminum arak, tukang nujum, kekal dalam zina, derhaka terhadap ibu bapa dan org yg tak menegur saudaranya…

Allah berfirman dalam hadith Qudsi…( maksud).. Adalah org yg minta ampun padaKu Aku ampunkan, org yg ditimpa bala Aku afiatkan, org yg minta rezeki Aku berikan, demikianlah pertanyaan dan permintaan lainnya sehingga keluar fajar subuh.

Tersebut dalam Kitab Iqna’ : Bahawa Jibril bersungguh2 pada malam Nifsu Syaaban menunaikan segala hajat. Maka dtglah Jibril kpd rasulullah saw kali keduanya, katanya: Ya Muhammad, gembiralah kamu bahawa Allah telah mengampunkan segala umatmu yang tiada menyekutukanNya, angkatkan kepalamu, lalu Rasulullah saw mengangkat kepalanya, tiba-tiba terbuka segala pintu syurga (langit). pada pintu langit 1, malaikat menyeru. Kemenangan bagi orang yg ruku’ pada mlm ini. Pada pintu langit 2, malaikat menyeru kemenangan bagi orang yg sujud, pada yg ke 3, malaikat menyeru kemenangan bagi orang yr minta doa, pada yang ke 4, malaikat menyeru kemenangan bagi orang yang berzikir, pada yang ke 5, malaikat menyeru kemenangan bagi orang yang menangis takutkan Allah, pada yang ke 6, malaikat menyeru kemenangan bagi orang yang mengamal amal kebajikan pada malam ini, pada yang ke 7, malaikat menyeru kemengan bagi orang yang meminta, maka diterima permintaannya itu dan pada ke 8, malaikat menyeru adakah orang yang meminta ampun maka diampunkan baginya. Bertanya rasulullah, sampai bila semua pintu ini dibuka? Sampai subuh, jawab malaikat.

Lepas solat maghrib,
1. Baca Yaasin niatkan utk pjg umur dlm mentaati Allah, doa Yasin
2. Baca Yaasin, niatkan luaskan rezeki yg halal dan diberkati, doa Yaasin.
3. Baca Yaasin, niatkan mati dlm husnul khotimah, doa Yaasin.

Yang lain2 ( diiringi yg atas)
Banyak istighfar, sembahyang taubat, hajat, baca penghulu istighfar (dlm Ma’athurat ada)
Doakan keampunan ibubapa
Baca AlQuran
Solat atas Nabi
Buat solat2 sunat yg terdaya, InsyaAllah..
Marilah kita buat bersama2…


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Habis dah CSI: New York, masa untuk sambung cerita ku, tapi apa ah, I am still thinking what should I write, my mind is still somewhere, I couldn’t concentrate, bising wah tv ani. And its about this iklan (chinese advert) about this guy yang jual Pirated DVD to some people and everybody say “Hai Choo Laaa” meaning “I’ve seen it”, urghh so annoying. Tapi yang paling annoying when this guy woke up from his weirdest dream and when he turn left, he then saw this Fat ghost kid and said “Hai choo Laa” with a small girlie voice.. that is really annoying and funny a bit. Next time ke kadai komunis ku and say “Hai choo laaa” hehehe..

Arrgghhh Damn… Nip/Tuck is showing rite now, one of my favorite Tv Series. Should I continue later this blog or just carry on blogging. I say, just carry on. Don’t wanna waste time lagi. So tadi petang, after “work” I helped my mother to menyucur kuih, I don’t know what “buah” it is but my mother told me it is Buah Sikun..?? errr Sukun?? eh wateva la, so long ujungnya ada bunyi “KUN”. The taste is sweet and nyaman, soft and tender. Then I made Teh tarik coz usually after 5pm everybody balik sudah from kerja, berkumpul and minum-minum sambil bercerita.

(Cucur Sukun/Sikun)


(Cucur Sukun/Sikun with teh tarik)

Sorry for the low quality picture, biasa lah, saya tidak mampu membeli camera Nikkon, ani pun pakai Handphone Nokia Camera.

Masa di dapur tadi while me waiting for the rest of my siblings turun ke dapur untuk minum petang, my mom told me that for the last few days, she saw 2 men walking in front of our front gate, along our simpang rumah atu lah, wearing kain pelikat with white cara melayu. She said she always saw these two guys wondering around between 4:00 – 4:15am. I told her probably the Indonesian workers kan ke masjid sembahyang Subuh. But she said Orang Indonesia apa pulang, inda jua ada di sini ani rumah berbuat, lagipun masjid jauh jua dari sini and nda jua ada surau berhampiran ani, dan lagi Azan Subuh pukul 4:55am kan pukul 5 pagi. She said again bukan sekali dua ku nampak orang ani, tapi hari atu aku nampak orang tua jalan kaki depan pagar rumah, macam kan masuk ke dalam saja. Baik jua mulah bapamu udah bagi penangkal supaya iblis sama syaitan inda dapat masuk ke kawasan rumah kami ani. I just kept quiet cos I know what she saw was not Human after all. She then said mesti Iblis atau Syaitan tu kan mengacau aku. Oh Mann.. its Freaking creepy. This Frightens me, inda tah ku berani lagi balik akhir nie kalau berjalan. No wonder kalau selalu ku balik pukul 2 pagi, lain rasa ku bila nutup pagar, bau kemenyan lah, bunyi macam urang bersiul-siulan lah, but aku buat kedundung saja ( don’t know in Englishnya) hehehe..

My mom usually sees things, I mean she can see makhluk halus, she’s not afraid of them. She pernah berlawan with this “thing”. I remember dulu when she saw this thing hanging on the tree, she asked me to go inside the house and she picked a small pebbles and di baca-bacanya tia batu atu and she threw it at the tree, lapas atu i heard the voice of a women ke sakitan. Owhh Man, why am i telling you all these, its midnite sudah, paloi eh bagi kambang bulu.. lalalalalalala (buang kes)

Anyhooottsss.. Puasa is coming.. wuhuuu.. inda ku sabar nie.. all the evils, jins, iblis dan syaitan akan di gari for sebulan.. and at that time baru ku berani jalan balik akhir.. errr but roh-roh islam di bebaskan.. hmmm.. aduhh.. inda apa.. ia inda ngacau..

Bah sudah tah kali eeeh, enuff said.. chowwwsss..!!!