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Ngaleh bah

Posted in Food, Hari Raya, Jablaii, Menu, open house on October 22, 2007 by Jablaii

Macam aku ngaleh seharian hari ani. Bangun ku tidur, tarus ke dapur prepare for our open house esuk. Actually sudah ku prepare kemarin, motong-motong ayam dah but for 300 pax atu, 2 jam baru tah mau abis motong ayam. Then tadi lapas motong-motong sotong, i went to Hua Ho Mall with my mom membeli barang lagi yang inda cukup. Then ke Supa Save Mabohai and then Ke Millimewah Lambak to buy daging, hopefully 10 kilos of beef atu cukup for 300 pax. Errkkss berguruh.. paksa ku laju-laju menaip nie.. and its 12:13am baru tadi ku naik ke atas ke bilik dari pukul 3:30pm ku di dapur saja till 11:30pm. Hebat aku atu eh.. alum lagi mandi, ani kan mandi tah ku ni, tapi melayan dulu kawan2ku di MSN, durang ani bertanyakan apa menu ku esuk for open house..

So if anyone ask me whats the menu for tomorrow, well here is my menu for my open house and yes aku yang memasak tu for tomorrow

Lunch Menu

Kerabu taugeh & Manggo

Mixed Salad


Nasi Putih

Nasi Briyani Kambing

Daging Rendang

Sambal Tumis Sotong

Stir Fry Chicken With Cashew Nuts

Blackpepper Beef

Mixed Vegetables


Kuih Muih Hari Raya

Biskut Hari Raya


Free Soft Drinks




Mixed Salad



Nasi Briyani Kambing

Nasi Putih

Laksa Penang

Cheese Macaroni

Macaroni Goreng

Stir Fry Chicken With Cashew Nuts

Black Pepper Beef


Kuih Muih Hari Raya

Bread & Butter Pudding (insyallah)

Ice Longan and Red Date Tea (Insyallah)


Soft Drinks

Teh Tarik


Thats my menu for tomorrow.. so datang, jangan tak datang.. foods are limited.. from 12 noon – 10pm only. Sapa tak datang rugi and oh yeah if ada ku terlupa memsg you guys, sorry ah but if you happen to read my blog, so you are invited. So just come. Call me or msg me if you guys kan datang.

See ya all tomorrow.. chowssssssss..




Posted in ambuyat, cicah, Food, lonely on September 7, 2007 by Jablaii

No one wants to be alone, not even me, but today I am alone.

~~ Lonely.. im mister lonely, I have nobody, for my own. I’m so lonely, I’m mister lonely, for my own. I’m so lonely ~~

Call me Mister lonely, like i care.. I used to be lonely for quiet sometime. Been there, done that. That is me…

Today aku lonely pun sekajap saja. My mom, my elder bro and his wife went to Miri tadi pagi. My sister went out with her friends, biasa lah ia atu, orang kan kawin this November, mesti jua berabis kan jalan sama kawan-kawannya. My other brother keraja. So yang tinggal di rumah just me and the amahs and ofcourse my small nephew, baru jua setahun. Usually lapas sembahyang Juma’at, mesti kena sediakan lunch but hari ani inda. No one masak, my amah ofcourse inda pandai masak, so nada makanan lah.

My stomach growl balik-balik tanda lapar lah tu sal tadi pagi pun alum ku breakfast. I asked my amah if there’s something to eat but she said nada.. “abang kan pandai masak, ya masak aja lah”. “aah kamu ni, saya lagi capek, malas nak masak”. Its true when i feel tired, i don’t have the mood to cook. When i open the fridge, i saw lots of food yang dapat di masak but malas wah rasanya kan masak atu, i wanna eat yang simple saja. Instant noodle?? no way, i don’t really eat that food, if desperate, barangkali but I’m not that desperate. So i saw ambulong (Sago). One of my favorite food jua. Apa lagi, ambuyat is simple to make. Before menumpah ambulong, i made the cicah which is simple saja, tempoyak (durian that has been preserved for 12 days, i think :S) campur binjai and limau kasturi plus lada padi.

cicah.jpg        ambuyat.jpg
—————-(cicah ambuyat) —————————————- (Ambuyat)

Yeah yeah i know, if makan ambuyat beramai-ramai lagi siuk, berebut.. i have to agree pulang tu but ani kira aku lonely, nada kan di makan. makan ambuyat sorang-sorang pun siuk jua, inda kana rebuti, cicahnya nda kajap abis, so ok laah makan ambuyat sorang-sorang ani.

Ok most of my readers are from Indonesia and they might not know what is ambuyat and might be wondering what the hell i am eating (like the picture above). It is call ‘ambuyat’. Ambuyat is a traditional local dish. Ambuyat has been exist in the country since the world war 2, early 1940’s. 87% Bruneians eat ambuyat and this food sudah pun di masukkan di dalam menu-menu restaurant di Brunei, however not all Bruneians eat ambuyat, especially the youths, this is because they are not a pure Bruneian or they disgust by the look of the food, sad huh hahaha..

Ambuyat is ambulong, ambulong is a sago starch. Tepung sago di ambil dari pokok Rumbia or the sago palm (ok this one im not really sure hehe). Looks like a gum huh but hey if you come to brunei, you guys should try eat the ambuyat with the cicah (Sauce of the ambuyat). The cicah is very hot and spicy, not all lah, just my cicah is spicy and hot. Ada cicah tempoyak, cicah binjai, cicah cincalok dan macam-macam lagi. Coba laah..

Jagong Nite Out

Posted in Cafe, cruising, Food, Jagong, Migraine on August 31, 2007 by Jablaii

Today is Friday and every Friday mesti sembahyang Jumaat. Today the weather is like really hot, i can feel the heat dalam my car airconditioner, even ku pasang full but still rasa panas. After Friday prayer I suddenly feel dizzy and berat rasa at the back of my head. Sakit banar rasanya so i know that i had migraine. I laid myself on the bed then tertidur tah ku, atu pun sekajap saja cos aku inda biasa tidur di waktu petang. When i woke up, i still had this migraine. I thought kalau di bawa tidur, hilang migraine ku ani but its not, malahan lebih sakit ada pulang. I was thinking cana ku kan jalan karang malam with the Jagongs. If aku inda join the reunion, definitely everyone mesti swore at me cos aku yang make this reunion. But my head is really sakit. Ku bawa mandi, still inda baik. I ate Panadol active fast, inda jua baiknya.

At 7:03pm I called gboi sal tadi ia call aku pi inda ku menjawab, I was outside buat kopi. So i asked him if he can pick me up later since he and Roseh on the way kan jalan tmpat our meeting point, so he said ok. 730pm durang datang sudah di bawah tunggu aku. Then we jalan lah at this new restaurant at Serusop, it is called “d Other Office Cafe & Bistro“. The place is nice and cozzy, its like a 4 star restaurant. But sadly inda berapa banyak choices of food in the menu, there’s like 4 main course saja which is Mee Siam, Mee Rebus, Soto Ayam and Nasi Ayam. The rests is just cakes, appetizers and scones. The price is reasonable lah for me cos every main course you order, you get a free teh tarik or ice tea but they are ran out of ice tea and replaced it with grenadine syrup with calamansi. So i ordered Mee Rebus and it cost me only B$4.50. At first the taste is tawar but I add a bit of lada rindu, salt and lime then baru tah ada ummpphhh.. good taste.


(Mee Rebus with its condiments, lime, green chilli pickles and green sambal)

Gboi ordered Nasi Ayam, which is lain cara durang masak Nasi ayam cos the chicken is deep fried, while Roseh ordered Mee Siam, looks nice and tasty. Then came si Qush. Pas atu Lina then Ahha. Lastly datang tia Leena Batek and Mila. Its great to meet them all again after lama inda berjumpa. Then my uncle ada di sana introduced me to the owner of the cafe, a Singaporean. He asked me how’s the food and i told them its nice and suggested him to add new menu especially on the main course. He said he noticed that most of his guests suggested him jua but he said since the cafe baru buka, he don’t wanna put banyak main course and he don’t wanna make the cafe like other typical restaurant in Brunei. Durang mau buat the food serves di sana as the authentic Singapore food. He will add new menu but not now, it will be a surprise, he said.

After bercerita-cerita di sana, we then went cruising. Ke mana nah? ke Pantai Serasa. Saja ke sana kan meliat orang kan beromen kah, apa kah. The view of the sea was really nice, i took some photo tapi inda terang, al-maklum lah apa jua camera ku atu, handphone hehe..


In this picture, you can see something weird behind him

Lapas cruising then sorang-sorang ngaleh then gboi send me back home. I still had migraine and yeah masa posting blog ani pun masih ada migraine.

Ayte its time for me to go then, happy reading and i really had fun going out with the Jagongs tonite, wish we can do it again every week, atu pun if you guys “have the right time”.. siapa kah selalu cakap catu ah? hehehe..



Posted in Food, Jagong, Related, Tired, wedding on June 27, 2007 by Jablaii

Its 2:18am and Im not sleepy yet. I feel like I don’t wanna go to KL tomorrow cos I’ll miss so many events on this week especially my friend’s masquerade birthday party tomorrow, i mean later tonite. Sorry guys, i don’t intend to ditch ya all but it’s a MUST to go there and also I’ll miss my nephew’s berbedak and wedding. I dont wanna miss that, its like once in a life time, bukannya dapat ia kawin lagi and its like a reunion bah with all my long lost friends. I could say NO to my sister but i dont have a choice. Family is my first priority baru tah my friends.

I went to my nephew’s house just now and to my suprise ada birthday function going on there, tarus-tarus lagi tu kana suruh makan. Everyone was there except Fauzi and Wardun. The Wijaya and DPMM team pun ada di sana, not all lah but sorang dua atu lah hehe.. Then abis makan, berkaruki tah ku but i wasn’t in d mood kan menyanyi cos ntah ah. Then ku bawa main ping pong with jembo’s uncle and Salleh. Menang kami atu, baru ku puas ati. Then inside the house, we played UNO and the girls main congkak and Sudoku. Our game of UNO, who lose, he/she mesti duduk arah pelaminan and kana badaki ke muka hehe.. luckily aku menang saja. At 12 midnite, balik tah ku and went straight away to the airport to pick my sister from Singapore. Sampai rumah, mandi and packed sedikit saja dulu cos i dont know what to bring at KL. In My mind i was thinking of burger king plang saja, the mushroom burger.. slurpss and Sushi, tepanyaki.. slurpss.. can’t wait for that too.. oh oh.. and KFC, A&W, Pizza Hut.. Damnn!! cana tah kan diet nie mun kan makan fast food saja.

Erkss its 2:40am now and im not done yet with this blogging thingy. I should be going now. To Hasza, Happy Belated Birthday and to the Jagongianz, have a nice day and ampiti ku dih the food ah, put it in the esbok esp the seafood ah, aku mau jua..!!! and to my nephew, uncle ucapkan Selamat Pengantin Baru. Semoga berbahagia selalu hingga ke akhir hayat. Aminn.

Coffee Bean

Posted in Cafe, Coffee Bean, Eating out, Food, Restaurant on May 29, 2007 by Jablaii

Its been for ages ku inda ke CB. Aku ke CB pun cos si Roseh dragged me there.. eh no, we decided to meet up at CB. She wanted me to teach her how to do a banner. Setibanya ku di CB, Roseh tarus-tarus cakap to the waitress there “Apa senyum-senyum, he’s not my boyfriend”. Like what the hell, I was stunned, lama lagi tu berdiri bangang meliat the waitress and si Roseh. For your information, she is not my gf jua, we are just friend. Kena gossip wah us being couple, buleeh..

It was a nice hot sunny day. inda berapa ramai orang di sana. We were like bising di sana atu as if the cafe was ours. I ordered ice blended White Chocolate and as usual it took me half an hour to order just one beverage. Malas ku kan berdiri lama-lama dpn counter atu so i took the menu with me at my seat.

Macam-macam ragam terjadi di CB atu, my laptop dengan sendirinya main Surah Al-Fatihah, nyaring lagi tu. Panic lagi tu kan mendamiti volumenya, but fikir punya fikir, apa salahnya kan main ayat surah Al-fatihah. Tarus balik bah this English couple yang duduk sebelah kami, takut kali durang aku kan mengislamkan durang hahahaha..

Then keresahan tia parut ani lapar, rupanya aku alum lunch. Si Rose ani alum lunch tah jua. So we went to the food zone at Jaya Hypermart. Si Rose recommend the LAKSA, katanya nyaman. So i ordered the laksa udang at the EverFirst Restaurant Booth. Looks Yummy.


(Ever First Restaurant Booth)


( Laksa Udang)

Presentation was ok. The Laksa was too oily. Udangnya sedikit and the soup was too fatty, obviously they are using coconut milk. Bit tawar and not spicy, just nice. Im giving a 5/10 saja. Not my kind of laksa after all.