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Posted in card, Stress, wedding on August 7, 2007 by Jablaii

It was my busiest day today as i am responsible for printing out an engagement card for my sister. Its a last minute job, everywhere i go to a printing company, the card will be ready by next week but the engagement day is going to be this Sunday.. sheesh so many problems ler.. pikir punya pikir I better design the card myself. And i did, i designed the card and print it out just using a color printer. But ada masalah lagi, the color printer is out of ink, daymmm.. I have no choice but to go to the 3 cent photocopy retail shop and copy the card there. I didn’t use the plain white paper but i used the hard pink, yellow and peach color paper yang jenis kad jemputan kawin ah, Lawa kali ah even though pakai black ink saja.

Petang tadi, i gave the cards to my closest cousins saja. Oh if any of my friends or my other cousins reading this blog, sorry if you are not invited cos this event is just for closest family and cousin saja. Sorry once again. Then i had to survey a gifts kan di bagi for the guests yang kan datang this Sunday nanti. Banyak kedai di aga but nada yang bisai, so balik tah ku ke rumah. Took a shower, went for Asar prayer then tidur for 15mins tunggu azan Magarib.

I went to a walk outside my house, kira ambil angin and buang segala cholestrol saya. Everyone says im gaining weight, stress jua tu.. so berjalan tah ku ke kedai berhampiran ani jalan kaki. I don’t usually walk to the nearby shop, selalunya pakai kreta but this time jalan kaki ku ke kadai sebelah. It was damn cold and freezing, selalunya insa sejuk bah but malam ani, seriously sejuk berabis, macam di henglan rasaku. I don’t know if aku kan damam ah but then inda jua, sehat wal’afiat ku ari ani. Nyaman tdur malam ani if di luar udah sejuk ah.

Bah nada lagi kan ku ceritakan lagi.. eh ada ada.. aku stress jua ari ani tadi masa ku ntar kad jemputan ah, my aunties malar bertanya bila giliran ku lagi kan kawin ani.. urrghh.. im not ready bah eh.. I only wait for her to give me the answer, if she says yes.. then akan saya bagitau tu but till then just wait ler.. 🙂



Posted in Depressing, Migraine, Stress, Tired on July 30, 2007 by Jablaii

I have nothing to post here, i am so damn tired and I got a major migraine, plus I have to finish my other website too. Argghh.. stress eh. I can cope working under pressure but now I just don’t understand why i can’t cope with all this pressure. It is too depressing.

I need a rest..

Oh i just realised, the other day when i got a shoulder and a neck pain, it was not because of me playing the golf but it was because of me sitting in front of the computer for 5 hrs straight continuously without taking a break. See how computer can cause you a problem.

I need a rest.. seriously.. arghhh darn, its raining outside, heavily rain. Now I can’t watch CSI:NY cos Astro wont be showing if its raining.. arrgghhh.. tambah lagi stress nie..

Btw guys, my lyrics menu will be updated this week.. just keep on browsing my blog and click the “lyrics” menu button..

I seriously need a rest.. I’m goin to wonderland.. awaaaaaaaaayyy~~


Stress Eh…

Posted in Stress on May 28, 2007 by Jablaii

Ok im not good at wordpress but i managed to change the header that i designed myself, macam cerita hantu tah plang banner atu.. i laik toh. Awal2 bisai udah banner ku atu yg ku designed awal-awal.. like this one di bawah ani:-

My first banner

Sekali udah ku masukkan ke dalam header di atas, berbagi dua.. paksa modified lagi. So jadi mcm yg di atas atu lah..

Stress ku masih nie menggunakan wordpress ani. I really dont know how to use it, Ive been sitting my ass here in front of this monitor since 8pm and now its 2:38am?? Macam di banar-banari jua udah toh.. belum jua ku dapat di ikhtiarkan.

Anyone know how to put a tagboard di sini?? If pakai blogspot, senang plang but this one, aiyaaaahhh so limited one lah, cannot put html lah unless i have to pay for USD$20 kah.. buang masa saja.. Why so laik dis one aaahhh.. i dont like toh.. Sakit my kepala toh.. sometimes make my blood go upstairs when using this wordpress..

Awuu im still using wordpress but buat sementara saja nie. im waiting for my site to siap dulu then inda ku makai lagi this one. Nanti ku bagitau apa website ku atu, sana kamu buleh download semua latest lagu-lagu indon dan sebagainya…

Ok im going now.. Sangal udah ni duduk 7 jam udah atas krusi ani, makin kampis dah punggung ku ani, baik kampis mun makin bulat, bida toh.. erkss :X