My Daily Horoscope

I wonder if this thing is real but as much as i wanna say i don’t really believe this horoscope thingy. It hits you where you least expects it. Sometimes it is freaky and confuse when it says the exact things happened to me, but that is just a coincidence. I don’t really fall with what it says but sometimes it can motivates me to what it said.


Virgo (Aug 23 – Sep 22)

What was once a trivial friendship — which offered little more than pleasant conversation and occasional dinner dates — is slowly becoming a more deep and meaningful relationship. And today, you will be given an opportunity to solidify it even further by sharing a truth you’ve been keeping to yourself. But before you do that, ask yourself if this is a person whose company you want for the long haul. Consider what their emotional reaction might be to what you have to say.

Bottom Line :- A trivial friendship will become a more deep and meaningful relationship today.

My Respond : – Wow.. is this for real?


4 Responses to “My Daily Horoscope”

  1. Rahim Omar Says:

    2 thumbs up 4 da songs selection…truly enjoy myself

  2. I’m the Virgorian too..:)

  3. interesting horoscope..
    @Ungku Nor I’m virgo too 🙂

  4. very god post !!

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