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Jagong Nite Out

Posted in Cafe, cruising, Food, Jagong, Migraine on August 31, 2007 by Jablaii

Today is Friday and every Friday mesti sembahyang Jumaat. Today the weather is like really hot, i can feel the heat dalam my car airconditioner, even ku pasang full but still rasa panas. After Friday prayer I suddenly feel dizzy and berat rasa at the back of my head. Sakit banar rasanya so i know that i had migraine. I laid myself on the bed then tertidur tah ku, atu pun sekajap saja cos aku inda biasa tidur di waktu petang. When i woke up, i still had this migraine. I thought kalau di bawa tidur, hilang migraine ku ani but its not, malahan lebih sakit ada pulang. I was thinking cana ku kan jalan karang malam with the Jagongs. If aku inda join the reunion, definitely everyone mesti swore at me cos aku yang make this reunion. But my head is really sakit. Ku bawa mandi, still inda baik. I ate Panadol active fast, inda jua baiknya.

At 7:03pm I called gboi sal tadi ia call aku pi inda ku menjawab, I was outside buat kopi. So i asked him if he can pick me up later since he and Roseh on the way kan jalan tmpat our meeting point, so he said ok. 730pm durang datang sudah di bawah tunggu aku. Then we jalan lah at this new restaurant at Serusop, it is called “d Other Office Cafe & Bistro“. The place is nice and cozzy, its like a 4 star restaurant. But sadly inda berapa banyak choices of food in the menu, there’s like 4 main course saja which is Mee Siam, Mee Rebus, Soto Ayam and Nasi Ayam. The rests is just cakes, appetizers and scones. The price is reasonable lah for me cos every main course you order, you get a free teh tarik or ice tea but they are ran out of ice tea and replaced it with grenadine syrup with calamansi. So i ordered Mee Rebus and it cost me only B$4.50. At first the taste is tawar but I add a bit of lada rindu, salt and lime then baru tah ada ummpphhh.. good taste.


(Mee Rebus with its condiments, lime, green chilli pickles and green sambal)

Gboi ordered Nasi Ayam, which is lain cara durang masak Nasi ayam cos the chicken is deep fried, while Roseh ordered Mee Siam, looks nice and tasty. Then came si Qush. Pas atu Lina then Ahha. Lastly datang tia Leena Batek and Mila. Its great to meet them all again after lama inda berjumpa. Then my uncle ada di sana introduced me to the owner of the cafe, a Singaporean. He asked me how’s the food and i told them its nice and suggested him to add new menu especially on the main course. He said he noticed that most of his guests suggested him jua but he said since the cafe baru buka, he don’t wanna put banyak main course and he don’t wanna make the cafe like other typical restaurant in Brunei. Durang mau buat the food serves di sana as the authentic Singapore food. He will add new menu but not now, it will be a surprise, he said.

After bercerita-cerita di sana, we then went cruising. Ke mana nah? ke Pantai Serasa. Saja ke sana kan meliat orang kan beromen kah, apa kah. The view of the sea was really nice, i took some photo tapi inda terang, al-maklum lah apa jua camera ku atu, handphone hehe..


In this picture, you can see something weird behind him

Lapas cruising then sorang-sorang ngaleh then gboi send me back home. I still had migraine and yeah masa posting blog ani pun masih ada migraine.

Ayte its time for me to go then, happy reading and i really had fun going out with the Jagongs tonite, wish we can do it again every week, atu pun if you guys “have the right time”.. siapa kah selalu cakap catu ah? hehehe..