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Amai Punya Amai

Posted in Amai, MP3, Sakai, Wordpress on May 29, 2007 by Jablaii

Yes, don’t ask me why the topic pasal amai ani. All i can say last nite i was working on this blog thingy (WordPress) from 8pm – 3am because I wanna know how this wordpress works, how can i put tagboard and mp3 player in my wordpress. Amai punya Amai, nah dapat tia. I managed to put my mp3 player in here.

I’m Sure many of you sudah ada the mp3 in your wordpress and i know you guys would probably say “aii sakai jua, kebaruan kali anak ani”, sorry to say that So What gito loh.. I am sakai, so what.. yes i am new here. Kalau blogspot, it is easy to put tagboard because they provide you a “Html or Java script” in the sidebar column but this wordpress you have to pay if you want to edit the css and install the plug-in. Im not gonna pay for that. So why complain?? Because im not happy with the service provided. The widgets or gadgets or nudget (eh wateva lah you call it) are limited..

* Amaran : My blood go upstairs sudah *

Chewaahh blood go upstairs segala toh.. you dont make me speak in English aah, you understand me?? esshhh.. Ayt, im gonna go doing researching and amai amai-ing how to put tagboard in the wordpress…