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Add your comments or complaints about anything regarding the songs or liriks.


9 Responses to “Comments / Complaints”

  1. Hellew…

    Was routed to your site when I was searching lagu Brunei. I am impressed. You have songs listed for Nov and Dec. Was wondering if you have some of the latest lagu Brunei that I can download from your site.

    Do let me know.

    Thanks/Take care

  2. Hei Diza, Insyallah i will put Bruneian latest song some time this month and thanks for visiting me site 🙂

  3. very interesting site..respect

  4. link me up yea?

  5. Hye..

    I want to ask..
    do u hv this song

    Glenn Fredly-Sekali ini saja


  6. nope, dont have that song, sorry yea 🙂

  7. NSEVEN moved from to . upgrade gitu lo.l

  8. Download 4 free! New single from chrome band “Manusia Lemah”, see the download link addres in chrome friendster..( dont miss it!

  9. Remember “Hanya Cinta, Memiliki Untuk Selamanya,&Hening” songs. They are back with new single 4 free to download..”Manusia Lemah”, see the download link in the chrome friendster(

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