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My Congratulatory message to my best buddies, Niza and Salleh on their engagement day, today. Semoga Allah melimpahkan lagi rezeki kamu dua dan semoga kamu bahagia hingga ke anak cucu, amin..

Nizah dengan senyumannya

Nizah and Salleh

Lambat wah si Salleh datang tadi ke sana ah, if not dapat udah ku gambar kamu dua tadi Niza. And sorry Niza kami datang tadi inda pakai cara melayu, malu banar ku tadi atu.. but yang penting I came tadi kan kan kan… hehehe.. and you look pretty tadi.. macam artist Brunei, si Niza Nyit Nyit.. hahaha.. Congratulation again to both of you 🙂

Palm CafeAlso my congratulatory message to Rina and her family for launching their new cafe, The Palm Cafe. Thanks for the invitation and the foods were so lovely and deeeelicioouss, i like the sandwiches and the kebab, semua lah nyaman. I was not suppose to eat the roast beef but it looks nyaman and i couldn’t resist it, terpaksa ku makan the roast beef and it was excellent.

Tadi kami macam celebrity pasal ada this one photographer balik-balik ambil picture kami. And actually aku inda ada berapa banyak ambil picture di sana but my secretary tadi took some photos of us di sana. I will ask the pictures from her nanti. Roseh, if you read this, minta the pictures, aku kan mempost wah di sini.

Anyways tadi ada lucky draw jua and my number was 157. Masa lucky draw kena announce kan atu, i was waiting and hoping that they would call out my number, but nada. Well as usual lah, it was so obvious that I would never win anything on a lucky draw cos selalunya time ada lucky draw tu ah, mana ku pandai kena. Then kena sebut tia number 90, it was Roseh’s number, she was like screaming and cheering happily that everyone meliat tempat kami duduk. She won a 1 month voucher to the fitness zone. Macam jeles jua ku tu ia pulang dapat.. hahaha yes Roseh, i was jealous tu you got that voucher.

Anyhoots, macam bila tah numbur ku kan kana sabut ani, balik-balik numbur kana sabut but not my number and it was the last lucky draw and then aku cakap “if numbur ku inda kana sabut, balik ku nie, menyamal ku nie”. Then this guy announced the last lucky draw was a 3 digits and it started with the number 1. Aku malas kan dengar the next number and then this guy announced lagi the following number was 5 and macam aku tau its not my number. Then he mentioned the last number, it was 7. Like everyone was cheering on me and i was like inda percaya that my number kena announced atu until that guy called out my name, happy jua ku tarus tu cos i won a one night voucher tinggal di Palm Garden Hotel. I didn’t expect aku dapat that voucher, i was stunned and happy. That was the last lucky draw and wheeeeee i got the last voucher.. heeeeee…


My friends tadi planning sudah kan tinggal di hotel with me, kira kan buat party di sana. Like during weekend nanti we’re planning kan shopping di kiulap, liat late movies and balik tarus ke hotel, lepak and partying.. then tidur beramai-ramai.. mass orgy.. hahahaha.. antah eh.. i don’t know apa kan ku buat with the voucher.. kan bagi my sister for her nikah’s gift or for me bawa perempuan, janda & …… errksss.. what the hell..?? I’m a good guy, I’m innocent and I’m an angel kali ah.. heeeeeee…

I haven’t decide yet.. maybe kan have fun with my friends kali.. we’ll see how it goes nanti but macam inda ku suka the room cos we went to check on the room at the hotel, saja kan meliat-liat the rooms, the standard single room is small and cozy, it has a queen size bed and the bed inda nyaman wah tilamnya. The twin room is big, it has a twin bed and sama jua tilamnya nda berapa nyaman.

I still don’t believe i actually won the last lucky draw, I guess i was so lucky after all…. 😉