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Another Stupid Parking Idiot

Posted in idiot, Parking, Stupid on September 5, 2007 by Jablaii

I usually don’t like to insult someone or humiliate them but this is gone way too far, it nearly cost my life, accident thats what i meant. just look at the picture below.

idiot parking driver

I saw this car yesterday early in the morning on my way out from the nearby retail shop. Actually there’s 2 cars parking exactly the same like in the picture above, but i didn’t snap a photo of it. Then in the afternoon, the other car is gone and left the blue car. At first i thought this car is “rosak” so this person had to park his/her car there, apology accepted. But at night i went to the same retail shop, the car was gone. So i guess the car is “OK” already.

Today at noon i decided to stopped by at the retail shop nearby just to buy a cold soda since it was a hot day and I saw this bloody car again. I almost got an accident because of this car. It blocked my view from an incoming cars coming from the other direction. I was really pissed and i had to do what a man got to do, yeah bebeh.. thats right, snap a picture of this idiot car.. hahahaha.. but hey, it is dangerous kali ah.. this person can park his/her car at the retail shop compound, ani parking arah siring jalan, membahayakan pemandu lain. Legal action should take into consideration, where is JPD..?? where is the Police..?? where is the community..?? where is the err.. err.. errr.. head village??? somebody should do something about this kind of people or me myself will take action on this matters by leaving a STUPID PARKING IDIOT certification on the windshield or in their cars.. heeyy why not, thats a good idea.. lol.. i should make copies of that certifications.. anyone wanna join me?? just hit me on my blog or at my email

I’m not copying the parking idiot Brunei thingy. I’m just pissed with these kind of people who doesn’t care about others safety.

Ok i’m bit emotional.. my blood go upstairs already ehehe..