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Happy New Year 2008

Posted in berbedak, bersanding, New Year, wedding on January 8, 2008 by Jablaii

New year

Gee I hope its not too late to wish everyone a happy new year, better than nothin, right?

Neways I hope everyone have a good and joyful new year 2008 cos my new year was sucks. I mean it, it was sucks. I didn’t celebrate new year. 2 days before new year, i had a sore eyes. Well at first i had it on my right eye then the next day i had it on my left eye then tarus tah ku dapat fever. On the 30th December, my temperature was 39.7 celcius. I didn’t go to the hospital cos i was feeling so sick, so weak, I can’t even move my ass out of my bed, i was just laying down on my bed the whole day. I didn’t eat and i didn’t even drink, well i only had a few glasses of warm water before i get dehydrated.

The next day i thought i would feel better but inda jua. I still feel the same, damam, feeling weak and worthless. I try to fight my fever by sweeping the carpet in my room, yes sweeping it instead of vacuum the carpet. Why i did that? so that i could get wet.. no you silly, not that kind of “WET”.. i mean biar keluar peluh ku so that i can take a shower and feel good. Tapi inda jua keluar banyak peluh. I feel so hopeless. Balik ku semula ke katil and melimpang.

That nite, i feel a bit better. I called si ahha if he can bring me out singgah kajap ke rumah one of our friends yang celebrate new year but knowing it was too late sudah, like 5 mins lagi kan new year baru tah si ahha datang. So dalam kereta saja kami celebrate and then makan di restaurant, thats it. Balik ke rumah, damam semula, pedah jua tu.

So till now i still feel damam, not teruk ler but masih selesma and bangal telinga ku masih since ku dapat fever atu. Somehow masa ku damam ani jua, i still manage to help arranging and buat kad jemputan for my sis majlis berbedak and bersanding.

For the past few days ani i was really busy menyiruk ingus, wondering kenapa telinga ku ani lama bangal and busy menguruskan kad jemputan my sis and catering. I didn’t do it alone, my good buddy, Wira, helped me, which is better lah. Inda jua ku sangal and ngaleh.

Aytes, latest songs will be updated after my sis wedding. Sorry for the delay… chows


SoLi.. SoLi

Posted in Busy, Hectic, Nikah, Soli, wedding on December 19, 2007 by Jablaii

Hey.. sorry for not updating me blogs.. duh~ as if you guys interested jua.. haha..

Neways I’ve been busy since last week preparing for my sis menerima berian and nikah this week.. oh shoot, its 2 more days to go. I’ve been very very busy and i don’t even know apa yang ku busy kan atu hehehe.. eh ada, like rite now i am cutting the heart shape yang ku designed for the hantaran numbers. Lawa kali ah ku designed, mesti ku muji diri sendiri sal stress ni masa ani, banyak lagi alum bergunting. The balasan hantaran ada dalam gangsa and i just cut 2 numbers.. way to go jablaii.. 24 numbers to go.. @#$*#.!!

oh yeah and last Sunday i sat for the BMR written test. The questions was so easy, i mean i’ve read the malay part of the Acts and penal code for BMR but yang keluar soalannya was in English. Ok jua lah soalannya atu, i dont want to be over confident dulu cos maybe bukan aku yang durang pilih. It was more than 100 orang sat for the test atu..

I will update more latest songs after my sis nikah. Her Big wedding will be next year so it will be hectic day and month for us again Next January 2008.

To my friends yang balik-balik kan bawa ku melepak atu, sorry inda dapat join you guys cos i have better things to do at home rather than melepak hehehe.. I will join you guys melepak nanti, okay? hope you all understand.


Posted in card, Stress, wedding on August 7, 2007 by Jablaii

It was my busiest day today as i am responsible for printing out an engagement card for my sister. Its a last minute job, everywhere i go to a printing company, the card will be ready by next week but the engagement day is going to be this Sunday.. sheesh so many problems ler.. pikir punya pikir I better design the card myself. And i did, i designed the card and print it out just using a color printer. But ada masalah lagi, the color printer is out of ink, daymmm.. I have no choice but to go to the 3 cent photocopy retail shop and copy the card there. I didn’t use the plain white paper but i used the hard pink, yellow and peach color paper yang jenis kad jemputan kawin ah, Lawa kali ah even though pakai black ink saja.

Petang tadi, i gave the cards to my closest cousins saja. Oh if any of my friends or my other cousins reading this blog, sorry if you are not invited cos this event is just for closest family and cousin saja. Sorry once again. Then i had to survey a gifts kan di bagi for the guests yang kan datang this Sunday nanti. Banyak kedai di aga but nada yang bisai, so balik tah ku ke rumah. Took a shower, went for Asar prayer then tidur for 15mins tunggu azan Magarib.

I went to a walk outside my house, kira ambil angin and buang segala cholestrol saya. Everyone says im gaining weight, stress jua tu.. so berjalan tah ku ke kedai berhampiran ani jalan kaki. I don’t usually walk to the nearby shop, selalunya pakai kreta but this time jalan kaki ku ke kadai sebelah. It was damn cold and freezing, selalunya insa sejuk bah but malam ani, seriously sejuk berabis, macam di henglan rasaku. I don’t know if aku kan damam ah but then inda jua, sehat wal’afiat ku ari ani. Nyaman tdur malam ani if di luar udah sejuk ah.

Bah nada lagi kan ku ceritakan lagi.. eh ada ada.. aku stress jua ari ani tadi masa ku ntar kad jemputan ah, my aunties malar bertanya bila giliran ku lagi kan kawin ani.. urrghh.. im not ready bah eh.. I only wait for her to give me the answer, if she says yes.. then akan saya bagitau tu but till then just wait ler.. 🙂

Plain Lazy

Posted in Jagong, Lazy, movie, wedding on July 6, 2007 by Jablaii

I have been a slack for the past few days, I’m just plain lazy updating my blog. Not that I don’t have anything to write about but I’m just lazy. Ok, here are some few activities that I did for the past few days.

Wednesday : – Went to watch Transformers at the Mall cineplex with the Jagongs (goldie and brother, Ahha, and Gboy). I haven’t made a review on it yet. The movie was a thumbs up and it was the best movie I ever watched. I’ll give 15/10 🙂

Thursday : – Went to my nephews Muleh 4 hari i.e after the wedding reception, the groom went to a bride place to stay there for few days and this muleh 4 days is for the groom to bring back his bride to his parents’ house with the bride family, meaning to say not the bride’s family staying over the place but just the bride, while the bride’s family just stay there for few hours and enjoying the foods, drinks and entertainments given by the groom’s family. Oh and in this event, the groom’s family (only the ladies) have to give jeweleries to the bride (any jeweleries to be considered). I Stayed there till 1:30am and daym it was “Malam Juma’at” luckily i didn’t see something unusual and creepy things on the road, if you know what I mean.. erkss.. chabul..!!!

Friday :- Went to the Mosque for a Friday prayer. Was planning to go driving with my friends at the RBA Sport complex but something came up. I lost my car keys. I don’t even know where I put my car key. And Oh yea, Farah gave a birth to a baby Boy, how cute.. Congratz to Farah and the hubby. Also I play this online game, introduced by my friend, Rafie, and still playing rite now till i forgot to update me blog.. hehehe..

My msn got deleted in my friend’s MSN. He/she (dont wanna tell the gender – figure yourself) was surprised when I say hi to him/her. He/she said “thot deleted you already”.. and i was like.. HuH?? yakah?? what the hell?? for what reason he/she deleted me in his/her msn?? some friend huh.. anywaysss…


That’s about it.. oh I’ve updated my Lyric menu already, so check it out.. chowssss…!!!


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Its 2:18am and Im not sleepy yet. I feel like I don’t wanna go to KL tomorrow cos I’ll miss so many events on this week especially my friend’s masquerade birthday party tomorrow, i mean later tonite. Sorry guys, i don’t intend to ditch ya all but it’s a MUST to go there and also I’ll miss my nephew’s berbedak and wedding. I dont wanna miss that, its like once in a life time, bukannya dapat ia kawin lagi and its like a reunion bah with all my long lost friends. I could say NO to my sister but i dont have a choice. Family is my first priority baru tah my friends.

I went to my nephew’s house just now and to my suprise ada birthday function going on there, tarus-tarus lagi tu kana suruh makan. Everyone was there except Fauzi and Wardun. The Wijaya and DPMM team pun ada di sana, not all lah but sorang dua atu lah hehe.. Then abis makan, berkaruki tah ku but i wasn’t in d mood kan menyanyi cos ntah ah. Then ku bawa main ping pong with jembo’s uncle and Salleh. Menang kami atu, baru ku puas ati. Then inside the house, we played UNO and the girls main congkak and Sudoku. Our game of UNO, who lose, he/she mesti duduk arah pelaminan and kana badaki ke muka hehe.. luckily aku menang saja. At 12 midnite, balik tah ku and went straight away to the airport to pick my sister from Singapore. Sampai rumah, mandi and packed sedikit saja dulu cos i dont know what to bring at KL. In My mind i was thinking of burger king plang saja, the mushroom burger.. slurpss and Sushi, tepanyaki.. slurpss.. can’t wait for that too.. oh oh.. and KFC, A&W, Pizza Hut.. Damnn!! cana tah kan diet nie mun kan makan fast food saja.

Erkss its 2:40am now and im not done yet with this blogging thingy. I should be going now. To Hasza, Happy Belated Birthday and to the Jagongianz, have a nice day and ampiti ku dih the food ah, put it in the esbok esp the seafood ah, aku mau jua..!!! and to my nephew, uncle ucapkan Selamat Pengantin Baru. Semoga berbahagia selalu hingga ke akhir hayat. Aminn.


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My nephew (Jembo @ Hj Subhi)


In the bus on the way ke rumah pengantin perempuan at Tutong


Jembo and his wife






Sorry for the crappy pictures cos im using my hp camera….




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After friday prayer, i went online and surfed at website and booked the ticket to KL there. But after i entered all the details and going to the final procedure, it didnt proceed. Aku minta advice from my friend, Hasza and she said better checked with the air asia travel agent if durang dapat my booking atu, takut-takut jadi double booking meaning double pay lah tu. I try to call them up tapinya inda berjawab, sampai ku aga ke sana, rupanya the office closed at 3pm. Wasting my time saja. Then I called the air asia travel agent di Malaysia and asked them if they have my booking. Luckily nda ada. Baik jua, mun inda menanggis eh.. double pay.

10am went to Megaborneo to check if the price is sama macam yang dalam internet. But they were close jua, pedah eh. Ngaleh saja ku ke sana.That nite I went to my nephew’s house. Macam-macam acara on the berjaga-jaga nite. I lost the Dart tournament, lost the Sudoku game (i dont even know how to play that game, so kes antam-antam, kalah jadinya) and banyak lagi game yang ku lost, malas ku tulis semua di sini, bagi malu saja. Kalau menang, baik jua, ada jua kan di bangga kan. Aku tidur at my nephew’s house. We stayed up sampai 3am, main lotto hehe.. nada lah. Saja bercerita-cerita..

Had to get up early, as usual, sibuk mendangani menyusun kerusi, meja and everything lah, typical lah tu. At 1pm guests are coming. All my friends like Madi, Yusmin, Wardun, Mini, Fauzi, Najib and the rest came. Its like a reunion for all of us again cos Me, Subhi (yang kan nikah hari ani), Wardun, Najib, Fauzi and the rests used to hangout together. Semua berkumpul dalam bilik Subhi, joking and makan sama-sama macam dulu.

At 2:30pm rombongan kami bertulak ke rumah pengantin perempuan di Kg Danau, Telisai. Kami mengunakan bus, siuk kali ah pakai bus atu ganya lambat kan sampai. Setengah Jam bah sampai di Tutong. Then the girls membawa barang-barangan hantaran and then Si Jembo (Subhi) kena suruh masuk. Di pendekkan cerita, Si Jembo di nikah kan dengan isterinya.

Tepat pukul 4:25pm dengan rasminya si Jembo sudah menjadi laki orang. Inda tah lagi niee ia berulah macam dulu-dulu hehe.. hopefully he’s not reading this..

5:00pm majlis berbedak di rumah pengantin bini.. then at 5:30pm baru tah rombongan kami balik ke rumah pengantin laki-laki. Then at 7pm baru tah berbedak di rumah Jembo lagi (Only for the family SAHAJA). Then makan.. then kami semua pengsan, ngaleh.

I went home at 8:15pm.. then sampai rumah, mandi and then solat. Online kajap, check what’s going on, then rasa kan pengsan.. and at 930pm aku sudah pengsan.

Bayangkan betapa letihnya saya pada waktu itu.. NGALEH kali ah..