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Posted in hospital, Lungs, Medication, Ripas, X-ray on November 29, 2007 by Jablaii

I am beginning to like the hospital soooo much.. i really really loving it.. NOT (paused kajap and thinking – mcm pernah ku blog sal ku suka hospital ani.. hmmmm…) yes pernah ku blog sudah sal ani.. see how i love going to the hospital nowdays.. NOT.. NOT.. NOT…!!! I just hate waiting.. if wait for 30mins, that is fine but waiting for about 1 to 2 hrs.. that is waaay too much..

You see.. yesterday around 1130am, i went to the hospital for my next appointment regarding bout my right kidney. The doctor told me to come and meet him directly, no need to register lagi. But Sudah ku sampai sana, lain tia.. they asked me to wait.. so i waited for almost 45mins, sama jua ceritanya nie macam kalau meregister kan jumpa doctor. So i was called to meet the doctor and he examined me thoroughly again. He then want to check on my blood and take a new x-ray lagi but this time it is regarding bout my lung cos i told the doctor that i have been coughing non stop for almost 2 mths now.

Then the female nurse bawa ku ke bilik lain for a sex.. errkss salah.. to ambil my blood, she asked me to sit down on the bed and relax sikit. Di sapunya anaesthetic, suruhnya aku genggam my hand and di ampas2nya tangan ku ani so she can find my urat. Kali di masukkannya jarum di sebelah lengan tangan kiri ku. Tapi bukan rah my urat di masukkannya jarum ani. Then she tried on my right hand. Sama jua, di masukkannya jarum but bukan rah urat ku atu. both of my hand ani kana bagi small bandage. Then nurse ani suruhnya aku buat X-ray dulu, they will do it again lapas ku ber xray.

Lapas Xray, ku kena suruh masuk ke dlm bilik untuk ambil darah lagi, this time the male nurse yang kan buat. He thought only my left hand saja yang sudah kana cucuk, sekalinya terkajut ia meliat arah my right hand pun ada bandage lapas kana masukkan jarum. Then ia cuba masukkan jarum on my right hand lagi, he couldn’t find my urat. Then he tried on my left hand, inda jua ia tercari.. okay 4 kali sudah jarum ani kana masukkan rah tangan ku. Then ia cuba lagi on my right hand, this time he found my urat, finally.. sakit kali ah, 5 kali kena cucuk jarum atu rah tangan ku.

Last nite, terpaksa ku ke hospital lagi to check on my blood result and my lung x-ray result. Yes i have to wait for 30mins before the doctor called me in. Actually the nurse atu yang cuai inda bagitau the doctor, suruhnya ku duduk. lungsThen i saw the doctor and tegur him, he said lama sudah sampai, i said yes and the nurse suruh tunggu. Then he brought me to his office and di checknya my blood result, it was okay. But he shows a weird look when he looked at my Lung X-ray. He said my lungs look ok but ada some part of my lung looks different. He asked me to wait again cos he wanna wait for a consultant doctor to arrive to look on the x-ray. H e wasn’t really sure bout the x-ray and he need to consult with another doctor about my x-ray ani. But I wasn’t that penyabar, i told the doctor i couldn’t wait for another half an hour and asked him if he can call me when they find out about my lungs result.

Oh my, satu penyakit selesai, satu penyakit datang lagi.. datang tak di jemput.. dugaaan dugaaaan… isk isk isk


Decision.. Decision

Posted in crotches, Decision, hospital, kneecap, operation, physioteraphy on October 6, 2007 by Jablaii

My knee was really hurt and swollen. Pernah ku mempost sal how my knee dislocated kan? so yeah now its getting worst. Bangkak berabis after my adek hit my knee very hard. I know he didn’t do it purposely, he was like just fooling around with me but damn its really hurt. I went to the hospital this morning just to check up on my knee. The doctor examine my knee and he can feel the swollen in my knee cap. He then asked the nurse to bring me to the x-ray room for an x-ray. Lapas x-ray my knee, paksa tunggu resultnya lagi. Then the nurse bawa the x-ray paper to the doctor and aku kena panggil masuk ke dalam.

Tau apa nah the doctor cakap? he said there is a possibility that i need to do the operation as soon as possible just to relocated my knee cap back to normal and ada fractured bones yang terkena my ligaments atu lah yang membuat my knee nil-nilu atu. I was stunned when I saw the x-ray of my knee and I asked him is there any other options beside from doing the operation. He said there is by putting a 2 metals (inda ku tau cana kan explain nie) both side from my knee to my ankle just to menstable kan my knee cap, i must then use the crotches jua however i still need to do the operation just to remove the fractured bones atu. I was really bangang when he explained pasal my knee ani, my mind was antah, somewhere, cos i was thinking of raya, my future and cana kan berlari ni if aku pakai crotches atu for 6mths.. inda ku tau apa cakap doctor atu lagi. I just nodded my head saying “awu” kira aku faham lah tu, padahal i was away away away melayang angan-angan. I asked him how soon should i must proceed the operation? he said the sooner the better which is by next week cos if i just keep it like that and bawa jalan-jalan, it’ll get worst. He wanted to make a booking for my operation but i said can i just think about this for a while, I can’t think right now. I thanked him and just walk away. Lupa jua ku tu kan ambil prescription untuk ubat ku, balik ku semula ke dalam bilik doctor ah and minta prescription ubat. The doctor was like geleng-geleng kepalanya (biasa la doctor india) macam ia kan cakap ayo ayo ini budak ah..

I don’t know what to do next whether i want to proceed with the operation and spend my raya in the hospital or at home using crotches for 6 mths doing nothing or just pakai basi atu which aku pernah sudah pakai dulu masa mula-mula aku dislocated my knee and still pakai crotches jua and do physiotheraphy 3 kali in 1 week. And if ku pakai basi atu jua, will my knee ani baik 100% and inda kan berbalik semula?? arghhh.. Decision.. decision.. what should I do..