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Posted in bored, Ghost, Ghouls, pocong, Scary on November 27, 2007 by Jablaii

……………. and this is the part that i hate so much, wanna know why?


While uploading the latest songs in the server, i heard a bang or something like crawling outside my window, it’s like someone walking arah zinc atap di luar bilik ku ani. Kan di subuk, malas ku. I have no guts to look who or what it was outside my room ani, karang aku yang kana subuk balik oleh mata macam ani


Eeeeeeeeeiii seraam banget.. could it be ghouls? or could it be a ghost? or could it be a toing toing ghost (pocong).. eeeeeeeeeeeeeeii chabul.. sudah sudaah…

Sekian saja.. chowwwwwwwwwwwwww