I was sitting in my room updating my client website and suddenly my mom called me to come downstairs to the front door. I went to the front door and there’s a postman standing in front of the door waiting for me to sign a documented paper. I didn’t know what it is but I just signed the paper and then he gave me a cheque. Yes a cheque. I received a cheque from FREE LOTTO and I won a lottery, it was a halal lottery since im not paying a single cent for it. Guess how much I won? I won’t be telling you how much I won otherwise some of you might want to be “friends” with me and minta belanja this and that.. hahaha

Anyways, after receiving the cheque, I didn’t really amazed and screaming, jumping up n down nor running naked around my house. I just stunned looking at the money that i get. I didn’t even tell my mom that I won a lottery cos she would probably mad, not mad as in “gila” nor happy, she would refuse taking the money as she will think that it is haram for playing a lottery, so I better kept my mouth shut. But there’s a problem. How can i cash in my cheque? How would I know this is not a bounced cheque or its a fraud. What if it is a real cheque and it is named after me, my full name. A Citizens State Bank Of Clara City, Lake Lillian Branch, US is also noted in the cheque. I assumed it is not a fraud. So what now? should i go to the US and cash in the cheque or should I cash it here in the local bank. I am so clueless and worried cos the cheque is void after 90 days, that means i have 2-3 mths left to get the money.

What will i do with the money? I always wanted to go to Dubai and of course to the Disneyland in Florida. Should I buy a new car? I don’t know what will i do with the money, it keeps on haunting me. I guess I just have to wait till i cash in the cheque and then I know what will I do with the money. I’m ricccchhhhhh… hehehehe


how much do i actually won? go figure πŸ™‚


5 Responses to “Lottery”

  1. sugoistanley Says:

    it’s just another Fraud method i think
    coz i have it once a while a go,,
    it is seems so like that you have give your private
    informations to the bad guy or company,,

    ~ sugoistanley ~

  2. yeah i think its a fraud too but i didn’t give my full details knowing the internet is waaaayy too dangerous. I didn’t even give my bank details huhuhu.. but i mite give it a try, who knows it is true. jeng jeng jeng πŸ™‚

  3. Private World Says:

    Jablai.. it is a scam! no body gives free money these days! come on i don’t think you are that gullible. Or maybe i am wrong! hahaaha Hell… 5 dollars says the cheque wont be accepted! take it or not?

  4. $5 saja.. boorriinggg.. ahakz πŸ˜›

  5. i like to ask u either you have bank in you cheque or not because i also get the prize too. pls reply to me.

    many thanks

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