SoLi.. SoLi

Hey.. sorry for not updating me blogs.. duh~ as if you guys interested jua.. haha..

Neways I’ve been busy since last week preparing for my sis menerima berian and nikah this week.. oh shoot, its 2 more days to go. I’ve been very very busy and i don’t even know apa yang ku busy kan atu hehehe.. eh ada, like rite now i am cutting the heart shape yang ku designed for the hantaran numbers. Lawa kali ah ku designed, mesti ku muji diri sendiri sal stress ni masa ani, banyak lagi alum bergunting. The balasan hantaran ada dalam gangsa and i just cut 2 numbers.. way to go jablaii.. 24 numbers to go.. @#$*#.!!

oh yeah and last Sunday i sat for the BMR written test. The questions was so easy, i mean i’ve read the malay part of the Acts and penal code for BMR but yang keluar soalannya was in English. Ok jua lah soalannya atu, i dont want to be over confident dulu cos maybe bukan aku yang durang pilih. It was more than 100 orang sat for the test atu..

I will update more latest songs after my sis nikah. Her Big wedding will be next year so it will be hectic day and month for us again Next January 2008.

To my friends yang balik-balik kan bawa ku melepak atu, sorry inda dapat join you guys cos i have better things to do at home rather than melepak hehehe.. I will join you guys melepak nanti, okay? hope you all understand.

8 Responses to “SoLi.. SoLi”

  1. BMR is yg sal rasuah atu kah?😛

    If it is, I failed the fitness test, of all the places Bukit Shahbandar suruhnya belari, nda jua orang kan membagi rasuah di bukit kali haha

  2. Erkssss Berlari di Bukit Shahbandar wah? atu kapisan.. gerenti nda ku pass tu eeeehh.. uwaaaaaaa😦

  3. awu belari 3 bukit di shahbandar, kana suruh main badminton, shooting balls into hoops and belari obstacle course disana. Interviewnya panelnya 4 kah 5 orang tu, macam2 disoalnya.

    Practicetah belari di bukit, sampat masih ni hehehe

  4. yawaaaaahh?? if main badminton and shooting balls into hoops atu nda apa but berlari atu wah.. nda ku dpt lari cos of my knee..😦 erm fitness test dulu kah baru tah interview?

  5. Dulu interview first baru fitness test. The obstacle course is at shahbandar also, yg meniang rope wall, monkey bars, melumpat, balancing arah beam, etc.

    Good luck🙂

  6. adoiii.. what a nitemare.. hmmm.. i just hope i can go thru all the obstacle course atu.. if nda dapat, not my rezeki tah tu.. anyways thnx ingelise.. nice avatar btw🙂

  7. how banyak is the allowance? mau jua apply if good pay

  8. duii abis udah urang written test.. allowance is either B$600 or B$800 pr mth, ikut ur qualification.. best huh..

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