Hectic Month

December is gonna be a hectic month for me and my family. My sis is getting married this month, erm actually its a nikah and menerima berian saja for this month and they will have their berbedak, bersanding and malam berambil-ambilan early February, next year. Obviously i am responsible for the invitation cards, catering and the campurs (gifts).

Oh Man, 2 weeks lagi the event ani and alum lagi ku habis siap ngantar the invitation cards. Like I don’t know di mana rumah my cousin-cousin ani, maksudku atu cousin yang bukan dekat-dekat. And i need to count all the campurs again just to make sure if it is enough for the invited guests. And i need to make a list kad-kad jemputan yang sudah ku hantar, takut mengantar balik-balik lagi.

I have an appointment lagi this 13th at the hospital, boring ku sudah eh like every 2 weeks mesti check up di hospital for my kidney and my lungs condition. And next week i have a written test for the job as BMR. Mesti ku belajar banar-banar nie cos i really wanna get this job. The salary is so F high, elaunsnya tinggi. Damn, mudahan tah ku dapat. But.. but.. but if ku pass written test pun, i still need to undergo the fitness test, which is a test macam polis and the army.. and im not that fit enough.. arrrgghhh stress eh 😦


One Response to “Hectic Month”

  1. assalam waliakum brother,

    many congrats for the day, would like to recommend this site that i found http://www.eznikah.com/ that helps our muslim community in getting into nikah easy.

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