hitmanOk this movie is a MUST to see in my list. It has been playing in the cinema already since yesterday but i didn’t go. Damn.. i really wanna watch this movie.. I have been playing this game lama sudah di PS2. Siuk brabis… ada lagi tu ia di twin towers, but not sure dalam this movie ada kah inda sampai ke twin towers ah..

Soooo… anyone?? bawa aku pleaseeeeee… sendiri bayar ticket lah and oh sendiri beli minuman, i just need a ride ke cinem.. tee heee heee… and u never know you might end up staying with me at the Palm Garden Hotel.. kan kan kan.. and this only apply to all ladies.. *hint to Roseh* ahakz..


2 Responses to “Hitman”

  1. *lol*.. U know i dont like ur driveway…. So no i will not pick u up :p but yes to d hotel haha

  2. owh too bad.. no hotel for u then.. :p

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