Jablai Berhari Raya

Raya Pertama : Went to visit my late father’s kubur, its like a tradition and a must on the first raya and during puasa. Then at noon our relatives came to our house. At that time jua we went to my cousin house (rumah sebelah jua ganya). I was really tired sal i slept for 2 hrs saja. At 3pm baru tidur for 30mins then my cousins sebelah rumah and other cousins came berhari raya, then we all went beraya to our neighbours sini. At night we went berhari raya at my family friend’s house, a Singaporean. They invited us for an open house (makan lah tu). Then at 830pm went back, friends and cousins came beraya at our house, K.O. berabis ku udah tu. At 1030pm went to my room then pengsan sampai 730am the next day

Raya Kedua : Went beraya at cousins place yang jauh-jauh sikit. Balik rumah before Maghrib prayers. At nite went out beraya with my friends to one of the jagong’s house, kena lagau makan at his open house. Then went to Tanjong Bunut lagi for a open house. The 2nd raya ani banyak makan eh, all houses i went to mesti ada makan but i didn’t eat banyak lah cos at that time my gastric came. That nite balik rumah, muntah saja ku, atu pun muntah masam-masam pait cos i have to muntahkan jua the acidic gas in my tummy.

Raya Ketiga : Not feeling well today cos of my gastric, I couldnt sleep well last nite sal my gastric. at 1pm me and my family went to my sis bakal mertua house, open house lagi, oh and i nearly dislocated my knee di sana, luckily aku laju-laju bawa duduk and meluruskan my knee. I didn’t eat sana cos of my gastric. Today all houses we went to ada open house but sayang eh i didn’t eat banyak. At night, i went to beraya at Rosmahwati @ Roseh house with my friends (Jagongs). Sampai sana tarus ku minta diet coke cos masa on the way to her house, my gastric attacks me, sakit berabis, Tuhan saja tau cana rasanya. Only Diet Coke saja yang dapat cure my gastric sekajap saja. Then balik rumah, gastric lagi and paksa ku muntahkan but herannya tadi ku makan at Roseh but yg ku muntah atu nada makanan but just the acid yg dlm my tummy.

Raya Ke empat : Orang sudah start keraja but aku inda keraja hari ini sal masih lagi gastric, tadi paling teruk lah gastric ku sampai ngampai di katil nda bergerak, but i still need to eat something or makin worse lagi. So i cooked bubur nasi for myself. Nada orang di rumah, my mom went out for a groceries shopping, my amah doesnt know how to cook bubur, so sendiri saja masak. At 5pm my friends came beraya at my house. So thats about it lah, malam aku di bilik saja ni nah updated my blog. Ada plang orang datang beraya di bawah but inda ku turun, not because malas melayan but my gastric ani wah, every minutes mcm kan muntah saja rasa ku. So i better stay in my room and upload lagu in my host. I wanna post new songs later in my blog 🙂

Oh yeah masih my neighbours di belakang bilikku ani main bunga api melatup-latup even sampai midnite masih jua main bunga api, aku happily meliat saja bunga api from my window.. its a free show, so i dont need to buy the fireworks lagi.. tee hee hee..


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