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Eseh topic ku ah macam fast blog saja. I keep on forgetting wah kan memblog, sibuk saja and too tired kan memblog cos for the past few days before and after my birthday, sungkai di luar saja ku atu pun akhir balik. I’ve been sungkai-ing outside since the 20th till the 23rd September yang lalu. Suppose to be bulan Ramadan ani, like every year aku lose weight but this year, gaining weight tah pulang. Apa inda kan sungkai di luar saja, buffet.. buffet.. buffet.. argghh tempting wah, beside I only ate appetizer jua saja and i didnt eat the main course, atu pun kekanyang jua udah. Kain cara melayu sudah berhantar ke kedai jahit before Ramadan, adoii muat kah inda ni karang baju melayu ku for raya ani since I’m gaining weight ani.. arghh stress eh.. Ok Ok.. after the 30th of September, no more sungkai outside. Guysssss.. aku paksa reject kamu if kamu kan bawa sungkai luar after the 30th September, kan ke gym ku……… oh btw 27th, 28th, 29th and 30th ani i am fully booked. Please make an appointment or reservation with my secretary if kan booking aku, OKAY? hahahaha..

Last Sunday, me and my family went to Rizqun for breaking our fast there. Masuk dalam sana atu, everywhere i see is food.. all kind of delicious, yummy and slurpy foods where on the food warmer. Ada mussels, ada butter prawn, ada satay, ada creamed butter sea bass, nasi briyani with the whole lamb, murtabak, mee rebus, ambuyat dan macam-macam lagi, inda ku ingat cos i didnt get to taste it all. And all the appetizer was so delicious, i love the kerabu thingy, one of my favorite dishes. The desserts were excellent, erm inda plang ku ambil but aku ambil dari my nieces, inda ku termakan lagi bah, luan kenyang berabis. Totally rugi ni siapa lanja aku makan buffet salnya I don’t really eat that much, aku suka ambil sikit-sikit and taste saja. The cost for the buffet sungkai at Rizqun is B$19.50 nett for each person above 12 yrs old. The price is reasonable and worth it, except orang saja bawa aku nda worth it.. he he he..

Abis saja makan, then the waiter bawa cake and menyanyikan lagu happy birthday to me and my sis-in-law (the other one), aduh cake lagi. So yeah, siuk jua lah celebrating birthday balik-balik ani. Kalau tah buleh sampai tahun depan aku dapat cake birthday. Tapi this cake yang ku dapat at Rizqun was my least favorite one, its a pandan cake. Inda ku brapa suka. And yesterday, at home, kami celebrate lagi me and my sis-in-law’s birthday. Meriah eh, balik-balik dapat cake and meniup candles hehehe..



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