Happy Birthday To Me

Yesterday the 22nd September 2007 was my birthday. I’m getting old.. well inda kan getting young kan? unless if i want to have a plastic surgery on my face but still my age will always getting older every year. Like my friend say ” A year older and a year wiser”, to me everyday is a year older and a year wiser, nobody is getting younger, duuhhh~~. Its been ages i never get to get a birthday cake and i never even had a birthday celebration but this year i was so happy cos i get to blow a candle on my birthday cake. I feel young lagi sekali because not only me celebrating my birthday but my sis-in-law’s niece “Diana” and her cousin “Wani” celebrating together with me yesterday.

We had 3 cakes on the table and bunch of kids gathered around us and sang “Happy birthday” to us and clapping their hands after we cut the cakes. I’m really touched and happy because I never had a birthday song from the kids. Siuk jua rasanya eh. Too bad i don’t have the pictures with me and oh yeah i had to scribble a bit my name on the cake, expose tia, tau tia orang siapa si Jablaii ani. But I think dapat jua kamu membaca tu eh hehehe. Anywas, thanx to my family for remembering my birthday walaupun midnite 22nd September I was a bit down cos nobody in the house wishes me on my birthday even during sahur but lapas the celebration, Ok tia ku and thanks to my brother and his wife and her wife’s family for celebrating my birthday at their house. Thank you sooooo much, really appreciated.

Well after celebrating my birthday with my family, i went out again with my Jagong’s friends to Taurean D’Arch Cafe, Kiulap to celebrate my birthday. Well inda plang celebrate banar-banar, just melepak and omong-omong kosong. Prvt World, Goldie, Roseh and Leena were there, you guys are rocks and sporting. Yes I know, Im the only guy saja, Gboi inda dapat datang cos of bertahlil at his uncle’s house and Si “Haha @Ahha” pun inda dapat join us cos he was busy helping his brother-in-law or should I just say “its not the right time”. It’s sadden me pulang tu the guys inda dapat join us tadi but what the heck, I have the ladies with me and the ladies are all mineeee.. orgy party bebeh.. hahaa apa kan. And oh yes thanks ladies for joining me tadi and thanks for the birthday gifts. I know I promised I will lanja IF you guys bagi hadiah but today inda ku terlanja cos “bulan tua kali ah” hehe tunggu tah time terima, i will definitely lanja you ladies. We were at the taureans from 9:45pm till 12:30 midnite.

Oh I have pictures what i get from the ladies..

(just click on the thumbnails above to enlarge the pictures)

Roseh gave me the Homer Simpson’s Talking Mug. But I dont even understand what the mug said.. something “give me the apple sauce bla bla bla” lol. I’m loving it, I never had a mug on my own. Thanks Roseh Darling.. Mwahs

Goldie gave me the new silver Mouse. I was thinking to get a new mouse but when i opened the gift, i was so amazed and happy cos i don’t have to buy a new mouse lagi. Eh how do u know ah Goldie. Thanx darl, Im loving it.

Okay at first i was so scared to open the gift from Private World. She sound so serious when she said its a vibrator. I almost inda kan jadi buka the gift, what if it is true its a vibrator, pengsan jua ku tu. But hey, when i opened it, its an ikea table lamp, coool.. no wonder she said its fragile. Nah dapat tah ku baca buku malam-malam using the lamp. Thanks Prvt world. Loving it

Thanks ladies for the presents, I’m loving it and appreciated it. And thank you Leena@batek for joining us jua even tah inda bagi hadiah, *hint* masih plang ku accept hadiah nie sampai tahun depan.. you know the sinjang yang me suka di YMRM atu kan *hint* hehehe..

okay then, kan mempost sal lain lagi.. chowwwwwssss


4 Responses to “Happy Birthday To Me”

  1. HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY. I know you enjoyed your day. May Allah bless you in everything you do. πŸ™‚

    Sorry, I forgot to wish you yesterday =/

  2. Thnk you Dalilaaa, its ok.. no worries πŸ™‚

  3. happy birthday….. πŸ™‚

    Nice cakes… mmm… Yummy πŸ™‚

  4. hey Thnx Mutia πŸ™‚

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