Yo guys, i’m not in the mood to post something here and i have promised to put up latest song here but belum jua ku simpan lagi. Seriously, Ive been busy designing my sis wedding card and i’m busy building my new website which supposedly UP by last August sudah tapi alum jua siap-siapnya.. sorry guys..

I have a migraine rite now and i couldn’t update sepenuhnya hari ini. Insyallah besok aja yah.. sorry once again.. to dalila.. sorry dalenk.. alum ku tersimpan lagu-lagu mu lagi..

and to those of you yang request lagu repvblik, sorry ya.. i haven’t got the full album rite now.. 😦

ayte.. nyte-nyte.. kan tidur dulu.. sahur lagi karang..


p/sssss: wordpress is getting slower and lagging or is it my connection yang lagging anie


3 Responses to “Sorry”

  1. Aii. Nama ku 😉

    Haha. Btw, daling. Inda payah tah. Inda I mau nyusahkan you. Haha. But I’ve already got them songs. Okay? At least this saves you from uhh.. your tonnes of work to do. Hehe. Okay? 🙂

    Happy Fasting 🙂

  2. ekekekkee ada udah? bannnaaaaarrrrr?? inda nyesal nieee??? hehehe

  3. Hehehehe. Bannnaaaaarrrrr. Inda nyasal. Kesian ku bah malar bugging you jua atu. Nunggu lagu baru lagi. Hahahaha. 😀

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