A Day To Remember

Every year on the 29th August, is the saddest day for me and my family. Our beloved father passed away on this date, Wednesday year 2000, after the Asar prayer at the GlenEagles Hospital, Singapore. My Dad suffered from a cancer. The cancer blocked my dad pancrease but this cancer is not harmful and is not spreading. The Doctor in Brunei made a mistake surgery on my dad, which caused a bacteria spread from his pancrease to his lung, where his lung was fulled of liquid, entah I dont know how to explained lagi. I was really angry with the hospital in Brunei. How can they be so careless. You know what the doctor only did, they took out small stones that blocked the passage of my dad pancrease, that’s it.. but what about the cancer? did they removed the cancer? they didnt tell us until the doctor in Singapore told us what the doctor in Brunei did. That is one of the reason why I hate going to hospital and seek for a medical check up, even when i had a fever, i never wanted to go to the hospital, I rather treat myself and eat Panadol Active Fast.

on the 23rd July 2000, my late dad was sent to the GlennEagles Hospital by order of His Majesty. after HM visited my dad in the ICU that morning, we later received a ticket from my cousin later that afternoon at 2pm cos our flight to Spore will be leaving at 5pm, so terpaksa tah kami balik ke rumah and packed our stuffs. Mengejut wah belayar ah. I only took what i saw and put it in my hand carry, inda lagi berlipat tu pakaian ah. Then lapas abis semua packing, we went back to the hospital cos we are departing to the airport dari hospital. Ramai cousins and relatives ku datang ke hospital to say goodbye and tarus baca doa selamat. At 5pm we later then berjalan ke airport. My mom and my lil brother ikut ambulance with my father and with the other 2 doctors, while us pakai kreta sendiri la ke airport. All of us including 2 doctors ikut ke Singapore cos the 2 doctors need to explained ler apa yg durang buat masa surgery atu.

Sesampainya di Singapore, kami inda check in di hotel but kami di bawa tarus ke GlennEagles hospital oleh Kedutaan Brunei di Singapore. Awal2 atu my dad was sent to the first class ward, but after the doctor check banar-banar with his condition, he was then sent to the ICU. sesudah atu when everything sudah settle, we all kena suruh balik berehat dulu, so we then kena bawa ke Park Royal Hotel and check-in di sana. The 2 doctors stay di hospital looking for my dad. The next day we went to the hospital melawat my dad. Everything went well, my late dad looks fine, he wasnt allowed to eat since di hospital Brunei sudah. Kasian ku meliat my late dad atu baring di katil atu saja, ada masa atu i helped him shaved his beared and combed his hair as Pengiran Isteri Hjh Mariam came to visit my late dad di sana. She heard the news bout this and at the same ia di Singapore jua.

We’ve been there di Singapore for a month looking after our dad. It was tiring and exhausted cos every of us ada shift jaga my dad except my mom and my sis, their shift was noon till 8pm but us the guys from 3pm till the next morning , so bergilir-gilir lah menjaga my dad. There’s one time the doctor suggest us for another surgery for my dad. My mom refused the surgery cos she had a dream that something wrong will happen they proceed the surgery. But us said maybe its good for our dad. The doctor told us that after the surgery, we will not be able to talk to our dad anymore cos they will put a hose of oxygen in his lung thru his mouth. So i remember the last word from my dad, he said “jaga mama mu lai, jaga rumah kitani jua, kau saja yang dapat ku harapkan menjaga rumah”. Rasa kan menanggis but ku tahan jua, i can only say “awu pa, aku berjanji. Maafkan aku pa”. Then i went to the toilet and burst out crying, inda ku dapat tahan lagi. I was really sad and terkilan when he said that.

4 hours after the surgery, my dad was put in sleep as in coma. Tears again started to drop from my eyes. Inda ku sampai hati melihat usul my dad macam atu. So everyday bila menjaga my dad di ICU, mesti ku bacakan Surah Yassin and talk to him even he didn’t react or respond me but I know he can listened to me. The Next day, a Pakistani was admitted there, passed away. He was just next to my dad’s room. It was really sad, my sister started to cry cos she was afraid that could happened to our dad too. I tried to calm her down and asked her to read surah Yassin. 1 week later, There’s a emergency lights appeared on top of the receptionist table indicate there;s a low BP rate from one of the patient. The lights came from my dad’s next room, its a chinese girl from Singapore, whom had a brain tumour. She passed away.

On the 29th August 2000, i went to a pray for Asar prayer. After praying, i went to visit my dad. Then there’s an emergency light, the nurses and the doctor rushed towards my dad’s room and asked us to leave, i ran outside looking for my mom. At that time she was performing the Asar prayer, i had to tell her. We then went to my dad’s ward room and saw the nurses and doctors did, just like in the ER. But then my mother told them to stop and just leave it to us, we all stayed there and read surah yassin and watched my late dad Nazak till he died. Everyone in the room was crying including my mom, she’s the one yang menanggis berabis till she passed out. I didnt say i didnt cry, i did cry. I saw my dad lying on the bed and i saw my mom passed out on the floor. I don’t know what to do. I went out and sit on the corner and cry there alone.

We were then sent back to the hotel to packed our stuffs cos that nite jua kami kena suruh balik ke Brunei while the High Commissioner uruskan jenazah my dad. My mom didnt agree with that, She wants to go back to Brunei with my dad’s body. So Only me and my sister balik ke Brunei that nite. The Majlis bertahlil was held at that nite jua di rumah. My late dad at first kan kena mandikan tempat rumah mayat yg bercampur with mayat-mayat bukan islam but my mom was pissed at the coroner yang handle my dad’s body ani and asked them do a MUSLIM way. So the body was sent to the High Commissioner house and mandikan, di kafankan and di sembahyangkan di sana.

At home, I couldn’t sleep. I cried all night thinking of my late dad. In my sleep, I dreamt bout my dad, wajahnya berseri-seri and berpakaian bersih berwarna putih berjalan menuju at me and he told me not to be sad cos he is happy that he is already free from seksa. He also told me to uruskan di rumah karang pagi, jangan lupa baca tahlil jua. Then I woke up and its morning sudah. Everyone is at home, i went to take a shower and menanggis jua masa mandi atu, entah ah, i was really sad wah masa atu. It never happened to me like this before. Selesai ku mandi, ke bawah ku and my cousins give me a hug, my uncle and aunts gives me a hug and asked me to be strong. We waited for my dad corpse datang, its 1030am and i went to the airport to fetched my mom as they landed already. I saw my mom was crying in the airport and sampai di rumah she was still crying. Then ambulance datang membawa mayat my late dad. Baik jua inda banyak keraja lagi cos my dad sudah kena kafankan di sana. So sampainya di sana, his body was laid di bilik tamu bawah. We opened the keranda and angkat mayat my dad and ampaikan di atas carpet untuk di sembahyangkan. Tapi before atu, His Highness Perdana Wazir came over to made his last repect at my late dad. Lapas sembahyang mayat, we were asked to see his face for the last time before menutup his face. Its my turn to see my dad face for the last time. He was like smiling, just like what he said in my dream. I knew he was happy and he wants us to be happy too.

Lapas semua sudah cium dahi my late dad. Then mayatnya kana pindahkan ke keranda lain and kena angkat ke dalam kreta mayat. We were then menuju ke tanah perkuburan di Pulaie. Then di sana lah kami kuburkan arwah bapa ku.

I think thats all saja yang dapat ku share bout my late dad. my dad suffered lama sudah and kami suffered menjaga mulah bapa, 3 weeks di ICU brunei and 1 mth di icu Singapore. But all that is dugaan. I regreted not saying I love you to my dad but i know he knew that I love him. So for those of you yang masih ada bapa atu, sayangilah bapa kamu, jaga lah dia dan buat lah mereka bangga kerana semua ayah ingin meliat anaknya bahagia dan gembira. Ayah kamu memarahi kamu kerana ia sayangkan kamu so jangan bencikan ayah kamu kerana terlalu mengongkong kamu. Sayangilah mereka selagi mereka masih hidup.

I love you dad and i will always remember you, your thought to me and your advices. You are my idol. Al-fatihah


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