I’ve been playing golf when I was 17yrs old with me late dad. Even at that time I was a caddy boy for my late dad. Me dad taught me how to hold the club and swing it correctly and how to balance your leg when swinging the club. But that was lama sudah, I don’t even remember how to hold the club the right way and i dont know how to lock it. The last time I hold the club was 2 yrs ago and that was my first and last time playing the golf cos after trying out golf, i got a major pain on my back and on my shoulder. That was the worst pain Ive ever had, it took me 1 week to recover from the pain.

But last Wednesday I wanna again main golf. Me and the Jagongs (Goldie, ahha, leena, jimi and amoi) went to a  golf driving range RBA sport centre. Yup we went for a driving. Not driving kreta lah, driving main golf (duhh mcm tah urang inda tau).. eeyyhh mana tau ada urang baca di sini kan berlurus jua, baik tah di explain bana-bana. Tapi kalau urang atu kan berlurus jua, agatah ke jabatan ukur, sana durang meluruskan lagi.. hahaha. My uncle was there too. He saw me playing the golf but he was laughing at me cos the way how I play the golf. Macam tah ku pandai main golf ani. So he taught me on how to hold the club and swing the right way. At first lapas ia ajar atu, pandai ku, lawa ambatan ku atu, jauh jua bah bula ah, but not that far lah cos im using the club iron 7. Sudah lama-lama atu, bida tia permainan ku ah. Inda jauh wah bula ku mengambat ah. Then jimi taught me lagi on how to hold and locked the club the right way. Ok jua lah bula ku atu. Lama-lama pandai ku sikit sudah cara menghold and locked the club and now I know how to balance myself when swinging the club.

After that nite, kerasahan bahu ku and my back sakit. Esuknya bertambah sakit lagi my shoulder and back sampai ani but inda apa lah, that’s just the beginning. i wanna play golf again and aku kan bana-bana main golf ani cos banyak kawan ku kan bawa main golf, i mean arah green but aku alum ready cos i dont even know how to play. Im a beginners not a pro.

Golf anyone???


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