Plain Lazy

I have been a slack for the past few days, I’m just plain lazy updating my blog. Not that I don’t have anything to write about but I’m just lazy. Ok, here are some few activities that I did for the past few days.

Wednesday : – Went to watch Transformers at the Mall cineplex with the Jagongs (goldie and brother, Ahha, and Gboy). I haven’t made a review on it yet. The movie was a thumbs up and it was the best movie I ever watched. I’ll give 15/10 🙂

Thursday : – Went to my nephews Muleh 4 hari i.e after the wedding reception, the groom went to a bride place to stay there for few days and this muleh 4 days is for the groom to bring back his bride to his parents’ house with the bride family, meaning to say not the bride’s family staying over the place but just the bride, while the bride’s family just stay there for few hours and enjoying the foods, drinks and entertainments given by the groom’s family. Oh and in this event, the groom’s family (only the ladies) have to give jeweleries to the bride (any jeweleries to be considered). I Stayed there till 1:30am and daym it was “Malam Juma’at” luckily i didn’t see something unusual and creepy things on the road, if you know what I mean.. erkss.. chabul..!!!

Friday :- Went to the Mosque for a Friday prayer. Was planning to go driving with my friends at the RBA Sport complex but something came up. I lost my car keys. I don’t even know where I put my car key. And Oh yea, Farah gave a birth to a baby Boy, how cute.. Congratz to Farah and the hubby. Also I play this online game, introduced by my friend, Rafie, and still playing rite now till i forgot to update me blog.. hehehe..

My msn got deleted in my friend’s MSN. He/she (dont wanna tell the gender – figure yourself) was surprised when I say hi to him/her. He/she said “thot deleted you already”.. and i was like.. HuH?? yakah?? what the hell?? for what reason he/she deleted me in his/her msn?? some friend huh.. anywaysss…


That’s about it.. oh I’ve updated my Lyric menu already, so check it out.. chowssss…!!!


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