Air Asia


I was supposed to be flying off to KL already by then. But our flight was delayed. I received a text from the Airasia this morning at 9am and it says the flight was retimed to 9:40pm. By Noon, i received a text again from Airasia and the flight was retimed again to 10:25pm. Guess what?? At 7:15pm, I received a text again from the nice, low cost, elegant, Air Asia (sucks) and the flight was further retimed at 11:25pm, Grrrreeaaattt.. what a vacation. Paloi kan, sampai Malaysia at 2:30am and 1 hour journey from the KLIA airport to the hotel, 3:30am..?? Atuu sampai hotel tidur tarus tu eeh. Kan bangun awal lagi for the breakfast, rugi jua tu inda makan breakfast, its a complimentary breakfast.

This is really sucks.This is my first and my last using Air Asia. Even ia murah, its not worth it. Jara ku eh makai air asia ani. Now its 8:28pm and i haven’t prepared yet cos im waiting for another text from Air Asia, who knows kena retimed lagi. SUCKS..!!!!

I’ll update more later when I reached KL.. or perhaps when I’m back in Brunei, eh cana kan buat smiley marah ani kan? cani kah >:|


3 Responses to “Air Asia”

  1. bie_162 Says:

    U mean like dis kah :@ yatah byk org sasak kan pakai air asia ani…walaupun murah tapi nda teratur bah….

  2. i’ve call airasia call centre using 0387754000 for call within malaysia today. the answering voice machine just keep telling me to wait until there are available customer service officer. i’ve waiting until more then 10 minutes and suddenly no more connection. it is because my phone prepaid credit have been deduct from $28.19 to only 26 cent left. they stole my $27.93 just using their phone line. to make it worst, i’ve not yet talk to their customer service and they already charged $27.93. wtf . so anybody who wish to call their call center…. just forget it.. it is better to buy a lot of food for your stomach than be cheated like me

  3. i am going to malasiya maurai booking office adress send me

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