Its 2:18am and Im not sleepy yet. I feel like I don’t wanna go to KL tomorrow cos I’ll miss so many events on this week especially my friend’s masquerade birthday party tomorrow, i mean later tonite. Sorry guys, i don’t intend to ditch ya all but it’s a MUST to go there and also I’ll miss my nephew’s berbedak and wedding. I dont wanna miss that, its like once in a life time, bukannya dapat ia kawin lagi and its like a reunion bah with all my long lost friends. I could say NO to my sister but i dont have a choice. Family is my first priority baru tah my friends.

I went to my nephew’s house just now and to my suprise ada birthday function going on there, tarus-tarus lagi tu kana suruh makan. Everyone was there except Fauzi and Wardun. The Wijaya and DPMM team pun ada di sana, not all lah but sorang dua atu lah hehe.. Then abis makan, berkaruki tah ku but i wasn’t in d mood kan menyanyi cos ntah ah. Then ku bawa main ping pong with jembo’s uncle and Salleh. Menang kami atu, baru ku puas ati. Then inside the house, we played UNO and the girls main congkak and Sudoku. Our game of UNO, who lose, he/she mesti duduk arah pelaminan and kana badaki ke muka hehe.. luckily aku menang saja. At 12 midnite, balik tah ku and went straight away to the airport to pick my sister from Singapore. Sampai rumah, mandi and packed sedikit saja dulu cos i dont know what to bring at KL. In My mind i was thinking of burger king plang saja, the mushroom burger.. slurpss and Sushi, tepanyaki.. slurpss.. can’t wait for that too.. oh oh.. and KFC, A&W, Pizza Hut.. Damnn!! cana tah kan diet nie mun kan makan fast food saja.

Erkss its 2:40am now and im not done yet with this blogging thingy. I should be going now. To Hasza, Happy Belated Birthday and to the Jagongianz, have a nice day and ampiti ku dih the food ah, put it in the esbok esp the seafood ah, aku mau jua..!!! and to my nephew, uncle ucapkan Selamat Pengantin Baru. Semoga berbahagia selalu hingga ke akhir hayat. Aminn.


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