Latest Music Video Clip


Another new hip hop artist make a hit in the Indonesian music industry. I don’t really know about this artist but his song is not bad. This 24yrs old guy was born on the 14th March 1983, err that’s the info i only know hahaha.. Anyways.. his first album was launched already last month i think with the album name “How to Kill a Man with a Toothpick“, aneh banget nama albumnya.

Di Album ini, Dmust di bantu oleh seorang penyanyi dan juga rapper dari Japan, Akira Yoshitani, seperti mana yang kita saksikan di dalam video clip di atas. Jangan lupa beli album dmust yang hangat di pasaran untuk support dMust. Kalau ada salah info about this artist, please tell me aytee.. Enjoyyyyy….


Stinky dari album terbarunya Pecinta Sejati dan lagunya Kau adalah Kenangan, jangan lupa pada beli album nya untuk support mereka



4 Responses to “Latest Music Video Clip”

  1. erkkk….. sampe sini juga yah 🙂

  2. .. wetzz ko kga kbuka gambarnya ..

    .. huuf ..

    .. bT dew ..

  3. sudah di bilangin youtube account gwe kena suspend, baca duluan donk.. :p

  4. buagoes buagetdz

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