How We Related

Yesterday, after the Friday Prayer, I went to my niece (2nd Cousin) nikah at Salambigar. Not so many people came cos there was another nikah’s ceremony at my other cousin’s place. Well Im not surprise cos I know there was always a clash in the nikah’s and bersanding ceremony. Its typical for the Bruneians. You know lah, Brunei is a small country and everyone are seems to be related to someone. The Pengirans are related to another Pengirans while the non Pengirans are related to the non Pengirans. And its not impossible that the Pengirans are related to the non Pengirans as well, like i said, everyone in Brunei are related to each other. Isn’t that great, we are all seems to be related.

Everywhere you go, people seems to know you and notice you are the son’s of your parents. For example:-

Kudil : “hey are you the sons’ of Pengiran Hamid”

Kasom : “Err.. yeah.. how do you know?”

Kudil : “Your father used to live in the same village with my father and apparently ur grandfather was my mother’s uncle”

Kasom : “oh okay, hehe.. didnt know that”.

You were wondering and asking yourself who the hell is that person. You have no idea who he is, you never met him and never see him before until you came to a wedding ceremony and meet this guy again. Geee.. what a small world.

The easiest way to know how you are related and to know who your cousins are, is by looking at the wedding invitation card. There are names under the “Wakil Berharap and Turut Mengundang”column. That names are representing to your family member and that names are related to you.

I wonder if I am related to who ever reading this, only if you are Bruneians.


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