Another Wedding


Its 1:20am and i just got back from my nephews’ berjaga-jaga ceremony. Yup, my nephew (Hj Subhi @ Jembo) is getting married this 1st July. I can’t believe he’s getting married. All this time he was hoping and praying that I would get married first before him but now look who’s getting married. I’m happy for him but sad at the same time cos it wont be the same again like we used to do before. Me, jembo and Najib used to ‘lepak’ at pasar malam at Bandar after watching Jembo playing football with the National team. I cant forget how silly we were when we went for a ghost hunting at 4am somewhere at Rimba Holticulture. And I cant forget when me, jembo, najib, dewi and Jembo’s family went to Miri during Ramadan. Me and Jembo were really hungry at that time and decided to “sungkai” at KFC. It was 5pm.. mana ada tu orang Brunei di sini meliat kami makan time puasa ani, said jembo to me.. haha.. Those were the memories that I cant forget. Oh well live goes on and so do I.

At Jembo’s, we had a win11 tournament. I lost to jembo to 3-2. Jembo chose to use AS Roma while I choose Chelsea. Then I won against Labai 4-2. Labai is using Barcelona. Then there’s a table-tennis tournament. Jembo’s uncle lost to me 21-15 and 21-8. I beat another Jembo’s cousin 21-7, 21-11. Esuk lagi ada tournament for me untuk masuk ke Quarter final. There’s a karoake session as well and i understand tomorrow they will start the karoake competition. Macam kan ikut berlawan karoake tah ku jua nie.. sayang jua bakat diri atu ada hahaha..

I should go to sleep now, its almost 2am and there’s a wedding at my cousin’s place at Salambigar later today. Owh how i hate weddings. Do i have an option not to go? the answer is definitely NO. Its a must and you have to come cos when its time for my wedding, people will not know you and will not come for my wedding, thats what my mother always say and sometimes its getting on my nerves.. arrgghhhh WEDDDINGGS..!!


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