Espeed Part 2


…… and again i face serious internet connections, which is sucks…

Surprisingly its only me in my area face this problem. According to the technician, only one customer (me) from the Berakas area complaint about the internet problem. Wow, I must be so very very “special”.. ryteee..!!

One of the technician came here yesterday afternoon trying to fix and solve this problems, but he ended up with no solutions. He said one of his colleague is in the “control area” trying to find my ip. The funny thing is my modem couldn’t detect IP/DNS from the server. He was here till 9pm. I feel really bad for him, I told him to continue his work tomorrow morning.

I thought last nite was Wednesday and it was Jagongs nite out, rupanya it was Tuesday, my bad.. no wonder sorang-sorang busy. Since my internet was not working last nite, I watched 2 dvds. I watched the low budget movie ” CADAVERELLA“. So lame and boring, seriously don’t buy that dvd. I didn’t really watch it, i just fast forward the movie. Then i watched “HOSTEL 2“. Not very happy with the movie too coz it wasn’t as good as the “Hostel 1”. Pretty lame and not so real. Lots of naked women.. tee hee heee…


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