Espeed Oh Espeed

Yes finally my espeed is OK now after 2 days inda baik. I finally can blog (mcm tah ku pandai memblog) and updating ‘things’. Gila rasanya nada internet for 2 days atu. The TelBru technician came to my house on Saturday afternoon checking on my espeed. They tried their best to fix the espeed unfortunately they said there’s a IP conflict in my espeed and they cant do anything until Monday, biasa lah Saturday kan half day, so nada urang kerja. So sabar saja.

That nite went out wif AHHA to kedai komunis. I bought 12 dvds, rasa jua tu nada espeed, baik tah liat dvd. On that nite jua i watched 3 dvd’s, dvd homerun wah. Abisnya kul 5 subuh. Esuknya meliat lagi 2 dvd’s. I have 7 more dvd’s to watch. Bila masanya kan meliat nie, espeed ok udah. Tunggu time boring saja baru dapat meliat. Bah sudah tah kali dulu eh, boring ku udah.

Oh by the way, i saw another Idiot driver that nite but inda sempat ambil gambar, laju bah ia U-turn arah stable ah, people like this nya urang “stunt” driver or “samseng” lah konon but i dont think its applicable with the names given. They think they are smart but they are not. They can harm other drivers. Luckily there are no cars on the other lane.


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